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For The Sake Of Their Voters, Democrats Need To Admit They Lost The Gun Issue To Freedom

Frank Miniter explores how women and minorities discovering their Second Amendment rights might force Democratic...

Battling The Free Speech Assault On Conservative College Students

Conservative students face a backlash on college campuses throughout the nation, prompting college Republicans to...

Gun Control And The Demise Of Chicago And Baltimore

AWR Hawkins chronicles how restrictive gun control in both Chicago and Maryland has been followed...

Oklahoma Mom Thanks Armed “Hero” Who Saved Babies

An Oklahoma mother is expressing her thankfulness to an armed neighbor who saved her life...

All The Leftist Anger We Are Getting Means We Must Be Doing Our Job

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre explores the Left's constant attacks on President Donald Trump.

First Gear | The “Open” Pistol Build Continues

New “bang-switch” for our Open Glock, and why you’ll want one elsewhere too. Maybe …

Carry Life | NRA Carry Guard

30 years in the making, NRA Carry Guard brings a new standard to CCW preparedness.

We’ve Got President Trump’s Back

In his rousing CPAC speech, NRA’s Wayne LaPierre put the violent far Left on notice...

Remembering Reagan

Former staffer’s memoir highlights stories and lessons from Ronald Reagan’s final years.

The Conspiracy To Dismember Heller

The 4th Circuit Court hacks a historic Supreme Court decision to pieces.
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