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Maj Toure: The Real Story Behind The Temple University Attack

Maj Toure, Philly native and founder of Black Guns Matter, weighs in on the recent...

The Armed Citizen® | New Jersey

Ten stories of self-defense in The Garden State.

The Armed Citizen® | Celebrations

You’re never having too much fun to defend yourself.

The Armed Citizen® | Teachers, Professors & Principals

These armed citizens schooled thieves, felons and criminals.

Chicago: Mayor’s Plea For Peace Goes Unheeded

The day after 20 people were shot over a span of 16 hours, Chicago Mayor...

The Armed Citizen® Barbershops & Hair Salons

A bad haircut makes for a bad day, but an armed robber makes for one...

Is Obama’s DOJ Too Political To Tackle Chicago’s Murder Problem?

Frank Miniter looks at Chicago’s murder rate in contrast to federal prosecution of violent criminals.

Support Needed For 5 Pro-Gun Measures In Iowa

Iowa gun owners should do all they can to support these five important pro-gun measures.

Iowa House Bill Expands Supervised Gun Use To Children

The NRA-supported legislation now faces a difficult road ahead in the Senate Judiciary.

Third Century | Tanner Hunter

After a severe wrestling injury, Tanner Hunter heals with the help of the shooting sports.

Senators Don’t Grasp That Education Should Be Part Of Gun Safety Initiative

Twenty U.S. Senate Democrats have issued a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), asking...

Josh Waldron Of SilencerCo On The Hearing Protection Act

SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron talks about the benefits of deregulating suppressors.

Shooting The 3-Gun Nation Nationals

Join Editor Mark Chesnut at the 3-Gun Nation Nationals.

Meet Ms. Olympia

Five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode shares the secrets of her success.

Meet Allan Cors

Cors’ role in blunting the 1968 Gun Control Act and creating NRA-ILA can’t be overstated.

CNN Champions New Study On Teens And Gun Laws

This narrative is based on the assumption that it is always bad for minors to...

A Hero For The Next Generation

Can taking inner-city kids hunting and fishing really save lives?

NRA Foundation License Plates Proposed In Kentucky

Kentucky NRA members might soon be able to sport a brand-new NRA Foundation license plate...

What Draws Women To Guns?

Women are quickly becoming entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community.

The Other Columbine Survivor

You often hear the word "Columbine" from the lips of anti-gunners, but you rarely hear...
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