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Carry Life | Light ’Em Up, Part 2

You’ve just (temporarily) blinded an aggressor—what now?

OKC Homeowner Fights Off Home Invader

A quick-thinking homeowner in southwest Oklahoma City used his firearm to stop a man from...

N.M. Homeowner Shoots Intruder

After someone threw a brick through his window, a Roswell homeowner dialed 911 and grabbed...

Ohio Homeowner Responds Under Fire

The suspect was allegedly shooting through the front door, and the homeowner said that bullets...

The Armed Citizen® Houston

These armed Houstonians are a good reminder not to mess with Texas.

Sightseers Defend Against Attempted Mugging

Two adults won’t be charged in the death of a teen who attempted to rob...

The Armed Citizen® Restaurants

These gun owners protected themselves as well as employees and customers at restaurants.

Harvey Lembo: Alone And Unarmed

Disabled Harvey Lembo is being told to lose his only means of self-defense—his gun.

The Armed Citizen® Indiana

Take a look at the self-defense stories of these armed and unafraid Hoosiers.

The Armed Citizen® Bars

These customers defended themselves against criminal attentions in the vicinity of bars.

Boyfriend Protects Girlfriend From Vengeful Ex

After her ex-boyfriend repeatedly threatened to harm her and her new boyfriend, the woman called...

Louisiana Woman Defends Herself Against Ex-Boyfriend’s Attacks

A Gonzales, La., woman armed herself in self-defense against her violent ex-boyfriend. This decision may...

Tragedy: Unarmed Good Samaritan Killed While Calling 911

Anti-gunners commonly make the argument that the best thing to do in any emergency scenario...

Swatting Gun Owners: A Deadly New Tactic

If anti-gunners can’t disarm you, some are willing to settle for getting you killed.

Woman Shoots Home Invader After Waiting An Hour For Police

This armed citizen story is a perfect wake-up call for the “just wait for the...

The Armed Citizen® Teenagers

These armed teens used firearms to defend themselves and family members.

Why Hillary Wants You To Surrender Self-Defense

Known for her anti-gun stance, Hillary Clinton is now declaring war on armed self-defense.

Gun-Ban Lobby Resorts To “SWATing” Citizens Who Open Carry

Incited by the gun-control lobby’s reckless suggestions on social media, anti-gun zealots are now “SWATing”...

Teenage Boy Scares Off Home Invaders With Rifle

The brothers hid in the closet while the thieves loaded up a car with stolen...

Hillary Clinton Calls For Stand Your Ground Laws To Be “Rewritten”

Hillary Clinton criticized “Stand Your Ground” laws, which allow lawful citizens in imminent danger of...
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