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N.M. Homeowner Shoots Intruder

After someone threw a brick through his window, a Roswell homeowner dialed 911 and grabbed...

Ohio Homeowner Responds Under Fire

The suspect was allegedly shooting through the front door, and the homeowner said that bullets...

The Armed Citizen® Houston

These armed Houstonians are a good reminder not to mess with Texas.

Sightseers Defend Against Attempted Mugging

Two adults won’t be charged in the death of a teen who attempted to rob...

The Armed Citizen® Restaurants

These gun owners protected themselves as well as employees and customers at restaurants.

Harvey Lembo: Alone And Unarmed

Disabled Harvey Lembo is being told to lose his only means of self-defense—his gun.

The Armed Citizen® Indiana

Take a look at the self-defense stories of these armed and unafraid Hoosiers.

The Armed Citizen® Bars

These customers defended themselves against criminal attentions in the vicinity of bars.

Boyfriend Protects Girlfriend From Vengeful Ex

After her ex-boyfriend repeatedly threatened to harm her and her new boyfriend, the woman called...

Louisiana Woman Defends Herself Against Ex-Boyfriend’s Attacks

A Gonzales, La., woman armed herself in self-defense against her violent ex-boyfriend. This decision may...

Tragedy: Unarmed Good Samaritan Killed While Calling 911

Anti-gunners commonly make the argument that the best thing to do in any emergency scenario...

Swatting Gun Owners: A Deadly New Tactic

If anti-gunners can’t disarm you, some are willing to settle for getting you killed.

Woman Shoots Home Invader After Waiting An Hour For Police

This armed citizen story is a perfect wake-up call for the “just wait for the...

The Armed Citizen® Teenagers

These armed teens used firearms to defend themselves and family members.

Why Hillary Wants You To Surrender Self-Defense

Known for her anti-gun stance, Hillary Clinton is now declaring war on armed self-defense.

Gun-Ban Lobby Resorts To “SWATing” Citizens Who Open Carry

Incited by the gun-control lobby’s reckless suggestions on social media, anti-gun zealots are now “SWATing”...

Teenage Boy Scares Off Home Invaders With Rifle

The brothers hid in the closet while the thieves loaded up a car with stolen...

Hillary Clinton Calls For Stand Your Ground Laws To Be “Rewritten”

Hillary Clinton criticized “Stand Your Ground” laws, which allow lawful citizens in imminent danger of...

Armed Neighbors Stop Alabama Home Invasion

The neighbor wasted no time—he met up with his nearby father-in-law and the two headed...

Ferguson Salon Owner Asks For Help

Dellena Jones, owner of the 911 Salon, has seen the salon repeatedly looted throughout the...
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