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The Armed Citizen® | Boston

10 tales or armed self-defense in Boston, Mass.

St. Louis 7-Eleven Employee Fatally Shoots Attacker

A female worker at a South City 7-Eleven decided to take a smoke break around...

Memphis Good Samaritan Draws Firearm, Saves Man Under Attack

On Thursday, a parking attendant was walking a woman to her car near the FedEx...

More Bad Guys With AKs In Gun-Free Paris

“It just never ends,” said President Donald Trump in reference to the latest terror attack...

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks

8 accounts of armed citizens defending themselves and others from violent dogs.

Man Shoots Attacker In Self-Defense During Easter Encounter

An armed man who attacked another individual during an argument on Easter Sunday was left...

The Armed Citizen® | Minnesota

7 accounts of armed self-defense in Minnesota.

Universal Background Checks A Universal Failure

Frequent A1F Daily contributor AWR Hawkins looks at how so-called “universal” background checks, a favorite...

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Arkansas Stabbing Victim

An Arkansas man with a concealed-carry permit pulled his handgun last Monday night and saved...

The Armed Citizen® | Pizza Delivery Drivers, Part II

7 tales to make criminals think twice about targeting their local pizza deliverymen.

Red State Democrats Face Gorsuch Vote While Carrying Lots Of Gun Control Baggage

AWR Hawkins explores how red state Democrat senators risk their careers by opposing the confirmation...

The Armed Citizen® | Atlanta

9 stories of armed self-defense from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

A1F interviews researcher John Lott to get the real facts on gun-free zones.

The Armed Citizen® | Bicyclists

6 stories of bicyclists involved in armed self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® | Veterans On Guard, Pt. II

5 stories of veterans exercising the right to armed self-defense.

Pink Pistols: Don’t Blame Guns for Crime, Blame Evil People

A1F contributor AWR Hawkins examines the polar views on gun control within the LGBT community.

The Armed Citizen® | Dallas

8 accounts of armed self-defense in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Armed Citizen® | Fishermen

8 stories of fishermen defending themselves and their property with firearms.

Despite The Lies, Armed Citizens Save Lives

Editor Mark Chesnut discusses yet another instance of armed citizens saving lives; this time the...

6 Reasons There Are No “Fair” Fights

A1F contributor and self-defense trainer Corinne Mosher explores how armed self-defense is seldom a fair...
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