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Obama’s Biggest Frustration—Failure On Gun Control

President Barack Obama continues to lament his inability to pass gun control.

Smith & Wesson CEO Predicts Continued Strong Gun Sales

Despite doom and gloom from naysayers concerning firearm sales, Smith & Wesson CEO James Debney...

2016: A Historical Year For Guns

With Barack Obama as commander-in-chief, and the possibility of another Clinton winning the oval office,...

With Historic Challenges Just Ahead, Freedom’s Future Is In Our Hands

Wayne LaPierre explains the need for continued financial support of the NRA for their vigilant...

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

In less than a century, the people whom Winston Churchill exhorted to “never surrender” gave...

Will Hamilton Oppose Right-To-Carry, Too?

Don’t expect those who hate concealed carry to accept a federal reciprocity law any better...

Trump AG Pick Jeff Sessions Is A Project Exile Backer

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump reiterated the importance of the Second Amendment.

Why A Polarized Nation Can Be A Good Thing

What’s behind the Left’s calls for “unity”?

Why Won’t Hillary And Obama Confront The Real Haters?

Editor Mark Chesnut examines the violent response to the presidential election and questions the silence...

Forgotten And Often Maligned Gun Owners Speak

Frank Miniter explains how Hillary Clinton awakened a sleeping giant with her months of denigrating...

Trump Could Possibly Reverse Obama Executive Actions On Guns

In their first meeting at the White House, outgoing President Barack Obama is expected to...

Save The Second Amendment By Saving The Senate

Why your vote for a pro-gun U.S. Senate is all that could stop a Clinton...

Veteran SEAL Dom Raso: Crooked Hillary Would Bring Third Term Of Bloodshed

Watch Dom Raso discuss the weakness of Barack Obama and address terrorists around the world...

Vote For Donald Trump To Save Our Freedom

NRA President Allan Cors explains why the country needs Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Victory: A Must For Our Nation

Wayne LaPierre stresses the need for active prosecution of existing federal firearms laws.

Only You—And The NRA—Can Stop Hillary Clinton

Zero hour is here, and it’s all on the line.

What’s So “Smart” About A Gun That Doesn’t Work When You Need It?

Do you really want your self-defense firearm to work as reliably as your smartphone? We...

NRA’s LaPierre Calls Out President Obama As Chicago Nears 600 Homicides

“The president’s biggest lie.” That’s what NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called Chicago as...

Hillary Clinton's Policies Will Keep Gun Violence Rolling Across America

Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun, pro-criminal policies may be coming home to roost.

Reign Of Confusion

Clinton doesn’t have to overturn Heller—she just has to make us afraid to practice our...
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