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The Armed Citizen® | Firefighters

Four stories of armed firefighters defending themselves, their friends and their families.

Home Intruder Stopped In His Tracks

An off-duty Memphis police officer and mother, home with her 13-year-old daughter, heard a loud...

The Armed Citizen® | Phoenix

Armed self-defense in the Valley of the Sun.

The Armed Citizen® | Oklahoma

11 Stories of Oklahoma residents exercising their rights in defense of themselves and others.

Florida Homeowner Stops Suspected Burglar With Several Bullets

A Florida homeowner in a quiet Oviedo neighborhood heard someone trying to open the door...

The Armed Citizen® | Bakeries

Four stories of armed bakers defending themselves, their families and their livelihoods.

Missouri Woman Shoots, Kills Suspected Burglar In Her Home

On Tuesday afternoon, a woman pulled up to her O’Fallon, Mo., home only to find...

The Armed Citizen® | Kansas City

Kansas City residents of the Show Me State exercise their right to self-defense.

Teenager With Shotgun Stops Home Invader

It’s all too common a scene: A burglar locates a house, breaks in and begins...

The Armed Citizen® | Mississippi

Mississippi residents practice their Second Amendment rights in this week’s Armed Citizen feature.

The Armed Citizen® | Nurses

When bad guys sought to prey on these armed nurses, they got more than they...

The Armed Citizen® | Colorado

These nine Coloradoans weren’t afraid to take up arms in defense of themselves and others.

Armed Florida Woman Stops Home Invasion, Protects Her Sons

When a red van pulled up to a Palm Coast, Fla., woman’s home last Thursday...

The Armed Citizen® | Teachers, Professors & Principals

These armed citizens schooled thieves, felons and criminals.

The Armed Citizen® | Alabama

If there’s a lesson to criminals in these 12 Armed Citizen stories, it’s “Don’t mess...

The Armed Citizen® Barbershops & Hair Salons

A bad haircut makes for a bad day, but an armed robber makes for one...

Is The Best Defense A Good Book? Part II

Kopel follows up his feature on the Gospels and self-defense with a look at Jewish...

The Armed Citizen® Hawaii

Armed citizens in Hawaii saved the life of a family’s horse and fended off criminals.

Support Up For Protecting Gunmakers, But For Hillary…?

Hillary continues to get it wrong when it comes to the PLCAA—and Americans know it.

The Armed Citizen® Farms And Ranches

These armed citizens protected their farms and ranches using their Second Amendment rights.
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