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The Armed Citizen® | New Jersey

Ten stories of self-defense in The Garden State.

The Armed Citizen® | Firefighters

Four stories of armed firefighters defending themselves, their friends and their families.

Home Intruder Stopped In His Tracks

An off-duty Memphis police officer and mother, home with her 13-year-old daughter, heard a loud...

The Armed Citizen® | Phoenix

Armed self-defense in the Valley of the Sun.

The Armed Citizen® | Oklahoma

11 Stories of Oklahoma residents exercising their rights in defense of themselves and others.

Florida Homeowner Stops Suspected Burglar With Several Bullets

A Florida homeowner in a quiet Oviedo neighborhood heard someone trying to open the door...

The Armed Citizen® | Bakeries

Four stories of armed bakers defending themselves, their families and their livelihoods.

Missouri Woman Shoots, Kills Suspected Burglar In Her Home

On Tuesday afternoon, a woman pulled up to her O’Fallon, Mo., home only to find...

The Armed Citizen® | Kansas City

Kansas City residents of the Show Me State exercise their right to self-defense.

Teenager With Shotgun Stops Home Invader

It’s all too common a scene: A burglar locates a house, breaks in and begins...

The Armed Citizen® | Mississippi

Mississippi residents practice their Second Amendment rights in this week’s Armed Citizen feature.

The Armed Citizen® | Nurses

When bad guys sought to prey on these armed nurses, they got more than they...

The Armed Citizen® | Colorado

These nine Coloradoans weren’t afraid to take up arms in defense of themselves and others.

Armed Florida Woman Stops Home Invasion, Protects Her Sons

When a red van pulled up to a Palm Coast, Fla., woman’s home last Thursday...

The Armed Citizen® | Teachers, Professors & Principals

These armed citizens schooled thieves, felons and criminals.

The Armed Citizen® | Alabama

If there’s a lesson to criminals in these 12 Armed Citizen stories, it’s “Don’t mess...

The Armed Citizen® Barbershops & Hair Salons

A bad haircut makes for a bad day, but an armed robber makes for one...

Is The Best Defense A Good Book? Part II

Kopel follows up his feature on the Gospels and self-defense with a look at Jewish...

The Armed Citizen® Hawaii

Armed citizens in Hawaii saved the life of a family’s horse and fended off criminals.

Support Up For Protecting Gunmakers, But For Hillary…?

Hillary continues to get it wrong when it comes to the PLCAA—and Americans know it.
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