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Loesch Named Women’s Policy Adviser To NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Conservative leader and nationally syndicated radio host Dana Loesch has been selected as a Special...

With Friends Like These …

Supporters say Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is a threat to firearm freedoms. Then why...

Apple TV Adds More Programming To Its Schedule: NRA TV

The entire catalog of the National Rifle Association’s video content is now streaming on a...

Wayne LaPierre Signature Coin To Raise Money For NRA

Wayne LaPierre is teaming up with 1st American Reserve to provide signature backing for a...

How To Fix The Crime Problem In Chicago

Chicago politicians focus on the law-abiding when violent criminals are the problem.

It’s Never Enough

Why does it seem that gun-controllers’ appetite for your rights is insatiable?

More School Districts Across The U.S. Are Arming Teachers

Across the country, more and more school districts are realizing that NRA Executive Vice President...

San Bernardino

Wayne LaPierre slams California gun laws that leave most residents defenseless.

Why Scalia Matters

With the death of Justice Scalia, our gun rights depend even more on the coming...

Wayne LaPierre At Liberty University Convocation

Wayne LaPierre addressed Liberty University students about American freedom.

The Garland Nomination: Life After Heller?

President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee could be fatal to firearm freedom in America.

Murder Rises In Another Gun-Control Poster City

L.A. murder is up 27.5 percent so far this year. Will city officials target criminals...

“Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t pass a polygraph, but she’s already got a litmus test. And she flunks both!”

Wayne LaPierre addressed the CPAC crowd with the truth about Hillary Clinton and Election 2016.

Watch NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Live At CPAC Today

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre will be speaking at this year’s Conservative Political Action...

King Of Guns

For Obama the end of guns justifies the means to end guns. Even if that...

Marie Claire, Guns And The Real Truth

Julie Golob explores Marie Claire’s slanted coverage of women and guns in America.

Man Arrested On Gun Charges Third Time In 15 Months

“If you want to stop violent crime, and I know you do, take violent criminals...

President's Column | Media Would Rather Vilify NRA Than Terrorists

Media attacks NRA to push gun-ban agendas of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Will President Obama Have The Guts To Debate The NRA On Fair Terms?

Will President Obama agree to debate Wayne LaPierre on neutral ground?

Anti-Gun Journalist Already Called For Obama-LaPierre Debate

An op-ed posted in The Daily Beast in October urged the president to participate in...
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