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ATF Associate Deputy Director: Time To Reconsider Regulations On Suppressors, “Assault Weapons”

Does a “white paper” by a high-ranking ATF executive calling for less regulations on suppressors,...

The Armed Citizen® | Tampa

9 tales of armed self-defense in the greater Tampa metropolitan area.

Unlocking Freedom II: 5 More States Propose “Permitless” Carry

More states are hopping on the “permitless” concealed-carry train—a movement that is rapidly sweeping the...

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

The Armed Citizen® | Gang Members

9 stories of individuals using firearms to defend themselves from gang members.

The Armed Citizen® | Denver

11 stories of self-defense from the papers of Denver, Colorado.

Love And Fury

Firearm trainer and professional shooter Corinne Mosher discusses two important aspects of armed self-defense for...

The Armed Citizen® | Hunters

7 stories of hunters practicing their right of armed self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® | Idaho

Six stories of armed self-defense in The Gem State.

NRA Announces Personal Protection Expo In 2017

The National Rifle Association announced on Wednesday the launch of a three-day educational and interactive...

The Armed Citizen® | Pregnant Women

Seven stories of pregnant women exercising their God-given right of self-defense.

Moms & Armed Self-Defense

Natalie Foster looks at the increased difficulty of armed self-defense with a small child in...

Things Are Getting Thorny In Jolly Old England

With gun ownership severely restricted and crime on the rise, some English law enforcement officials...

The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

The Armed Citizen® | Security Guards

9 stories of security guards protecting themselves and others with a firearm.

Pearl Harbor: A Look From The Other Side

The Japanese victory that began World War II was a fruit long in growing, fatal...

Birmingham Nurses Learn Armed Self-Defense

They’re used to healing and comforting others, but on Monday, they had an opportunity to...

The Armed Citizen® | Louisiana

13 stories of armed self-defense in Louisiana.

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

In less than a century, the people whom Winston Churchill exhorted to “never surrender” gave...

The Armed Citizen® | Albuquerque

Seven stories of armed self-defense in Albuquerque, N.M.
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