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The Armed Citizen® | Atlanta

9 stories of armed self-defense from Atlanta, Georgia.

Armed Pennsylvania Man Stops Intruder

A Philadelphia, Pa., man who was being attacked by a home intruder used his gun...

Florida Mom With Shotgun Sends Home Intruder Scrambling

“I will do anything to protect my family.”

Maine Homeowner Shoots Intruder … Who Still Won’t Leave

Ever hear the one about the guest that wouldn’t leave until you shot them? And...

Washington State Woman Shoots, Stops Home Invader

The 911 call came in around 2 a.m., when a panicked woman said a man...

In Fear For His Life, Florida Homeowner Shoots Intruder

When checking on your empty rental property, you don’t want to hear a television playing...

Pickaxe-Wielding Intruder Stopped By Armed Alabama Homeowner

After a suspect used a pickaxe to splinter and shatter three doors, the owner of...

The Armed Citizen® | Fishermen

8 stories of fishermen defending themselves and their property with firearms.

California Donut Shop Employee Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect

You can bet dollars to donuts that a couple of thieves never expected to encounter...

Son Shoots Invaders, Saves Mother

Two men broke into a southern California home early Tuesday and placed a gun to...

The Armed Citizen® | South Carolina

8 tales of armed self-defense in South Carolina.

Florida Woman Shoots Intruder Breaking Into Her Home

Mary Starling Shirley was quietly working on her computer just after 6 a.m. last Thursday...

Father Saves Son, Shoots Intruder In San Diego Home Invasion

It was a home off a quiet cul-de-sac. It was 2 a.m. on a Tuesday...

The Armed Citizen® | Tampa

9 tales of armed self-defense in the greater Tampa metropolitan area.

Armed Indiana Homeowner Stops Intruder

It seems that more and more often lately, violent criminals are making bad decisions when...

The Armed Citizen® | Motels

12 tales of armed self-defense in or near hotels and motels.

Illinois Tavern Owner’s Single Shot Drives Away Another Robber

If you’re a robber-in-training, you might want to avoid the Junction Tavern in DePue, Ill....

Elderly Kansas Homeowners Shoot Knife-Wielding Invader

An elderly couple were enjoying a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon in their quiet Baxter Springs...

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

N.C. Mom Fights Off Knife-Wielding Man

A Charlotte, N.C., mother used her gun to stop a man who broke into her...
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