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Social Security Administration Moves Forward With Gun Grab

The plan to strip tens of thousands of retirees of their Second Amendment rights is...

The Truth About Background Checks

This is the real reason why our background check system is broken.

Most Americans Blame Mass Shootings On Mental Health, Not Guns

Research shows the American people understand mass shootings better than politicians do.

New Jersey’s Residential Gun Retailers Thriving, Despite Political Hostility

“Because New Jersey makes it harder for you to get a gun, it makes people...

NRA Applauds New Mental Health Bill

The act requires that significant due process protections must be in place before an individual...

Using Social Security To Separate Seniors From Their Gun Rights

How Obama plans to use the SSA to disarm seniors.

Standing Guard | Existing Laws—If They Were All Applied—Could Put Gunrunners Away For A Long Time

If our federal laws were actually enforced, how long would gunrunners spend in prison?

The Summer Of The Gun

Don’t believe predictions of tanking gun sales. The truth is just the opposite.

What List Are You On?

How many more agencies might have data that could land you on a “prohibited” list?

Bloomberg Saves His Sinking Ship

Michael Bloomberg tries to sweeten public opinion on Oregon’s new background check law.

Social Security Administration Confirms Gun-Grab Fears

While officials there say they don’t plan to bar all retirees who don’t manage their...

NICS Update Postponed To 2016

Originally slated for July 2015, the delay is to prevent interruptions of FFL background checks...

Another Test For Retailers

How U.S. senators are blackmailing retailers concerning NICS checks.

The Left’s Labored Language

Don’t believe anti-gunners: The three-day background check “loophole” is anything but.

Social Security Administration Ignores Congressional Deadline

The NRA-backed bill sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn looks especially necessary now.

Fighting For Our Elders’ Freedoms

Millions of Social Security recipients are in danger of losing their right to self-defense.

Sons of Heller

Here are several cases that have expanded firearms freedom since the landmark Heller case.

Cabela’s Targeted By Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety

Bloomberg and his minions are simply trying to bully a law-abiding business that is already...

Another Win In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed an important bill yesterday.

What’s Wrong With Waiting Periods

A measure to repeal Wisconsin’s waiting period for handgun purchases is on the move in...
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