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Record Gun Sales For 13th Straight Month

Speaking of record gun sales, the month of May saw yet another gun-related background check...

Senate Democrats Refuse To Even Consider VA Gun-Ban Fix

U.S. Senate Democrats refused to even debate legislation to stop the VA from revoking vets’...

Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Gun Owners

A measure introduced Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives is designed to ensure that...

Federal Bill Would Defend Due Process For Prospective Gun Buyers

One legislator is working to guarantee that would-be gun purchasers who are wrongfully denied will...

Is The Background Check System Overwhelmed?

Frank Miniter visits with an FBI official about the status of the NICS.

Damaged Goods

“Universal” background checks are nothing more than a flawed product in new packaging.

Republican Lawmakers Target VA Gun Ban

Republican lawmakers are fighting a Department of Veterans Affairs policy that could rescind the Second...

Firearm Checks Soaring In States With Lowest Gun Ownership

Maryland has also seen significant increases in federal checks for firearm transfers.

FBI Registers Record Background Checks In February

FBI data released this week showing that February was the third-biggest month ever for gun...

Pandora’s Box: Connecticut Lawsuit Seeks To Expose Gun Industry To Crippling Litigation

A new and absurd legal theory threatens your Second Amendment rights.

Against The Tide

Obama circumvents both Congress and popular support for the right to keep and bear arms.

Social Security Vs. Seniors' Second Amendment Rights

If you can’t balance your checkbook, Obama says you shouldn’t be allowed to own a...

Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Anti-gunners are trying to turn the beleaguered Terror Watch List into a “no guns” list.

Expanded Background Checks: Ineffective At Combating Crime, Great At Confiscating Freedom

Obama’s latest anti-gun campaign may have a chilling ultimate objective.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Gun Registration

Publishing gun owners’ names so criminals can avoid—or target—them is only the beginning.

7 Things Obama Hid In His Gun-Control Plan

The 7 things Obama is hiding from you in his gun-control plan.

Social Security Administration Moves Forward With Gun Grab

The plan to strip tens of thousands of retirees of their Second Amendment rights is...

The Truth About Background Checks

This is the real reason why our background check system is broken.

Most Americans Blame Mass Shootings On Mental Health, Not Guns

Research shows the American people understand mass shootings better than politicians do.

New Jersey’s Residential Gun Retailers Thriving, Despite Political Hostility

“Because New Jersey makes it harder for you to get a gun, it makes people...
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