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One Inventor’s Innovation

Can you name this prolific German firearms inventor?

A Gun For Misbehavin’

What secret is hiding in spaceship captain Malcolm Reynolds’ gun?

A Train Robber's Revolver

Can you guess the infamous owner of this Colt revolver?

A Henry Aboard

This rifle was used to stop a mutiny at sea.

The Birthday Gun

Can you guess which infamous outlaw received this Smith & Wesson revolver for his birthday?

The Six-Gun Spinner

Think you can guess who this quick-drawing entertainer was? Better think again.

Legends: True Hollywood Hero

These guns are from a popular movie. But it wouldn’t be any fun if we...

Sinistral Shotguns

Unique challenges make for unusual firearms.

Pistols In The Pacific

Can you guess which World War II heroes owned these classic pistols?

An Early Rimfire Revolver

Can you guess what Civil War general was presented with this .32-caliber Smith & Wesson...

D.C. Travel Guide Attempts To Rewrite History

Taking political correctness and anti-gun sentiment to a ridiculous new level, a travel guide published...

Meet “Mister Rifleman”

Can you guess which sharpshooter and outdoorsman this legendary rifle belonged to?

A Beautiful Idea

Two patents were issued for this recoil counter-vectoring design.

The 1911: Woven Deeply Into The Fabric Of America

Can you guess which manufacturer from the NRA National Firearms Museum this 1911 belongs to?

Greener’s Light Harpoon Gun

Can you identify the movie where this gun was used to save the day—and the...

5 Firearms Too Beautiful To Forget

Beretta’s Rinascimento series consisting of five firearms is a masterful work of art.

Best Of The West

A pair of fine Freund Improved Sharps Rifles.

7 Summer Blockbusters

Learn a little more about some of the firearms used in a few of our...

7 Guns From Master Inventors

Colt. Thompson. Garand. The names alone trigger images of some of the most famous firearms...

Python Trifecta

Three firearms in the “Artistry in Arms” case at the NRA National Firearms Museum are...
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