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Armed Washington State Store Owner Foils Robbery

Hani Salha was working at his In & Out Mini Mart in Yakima, Wash., Sunday...

Omaha Barber Stops Armed Robbery

An armed robber targeting an Omaha barber shop got more than he bargained for Friday...

Armed Jogger Shoots Robbery Suspect In Texas

Giving new meaning to the adage, “You can run, but you can’t hide,” a jogger...

The Armed Citizen® | South Carolina

8 tales of armed self-defense in South Carolina.

Ohio Dairy Queen Employee Creams Would-Be Robber With One Shot

Speaking of “just desserts,” a little past 10 p.m. on Sunday night, a man walked...

Texas Smoke Shop Employee Shoots And Stops Armed Robber

Last Friday a man burst into the Shisa Smoke Shop & Game Room with a...

The Armed Citizen® | Music Stores

7 stories of armed self-defense in and around music stores.

Armed Deli Owner Stops Robbery

A Philadelphia deli owner who is also a concealed carry permit holder used his handgun...

Is Socialism Really The Answer?

Perplexed at a sign he saw at the presidential inauguration riot, NRATV correspondent Chuck Holton...

The Armed Citizen® | Tampa

9 tales of armed self-defense in the greater Tampa metropolitan area.

Armed Vietnam Vet Stops Robbery Attempt

A 70-year-old Vietnam veteran with a concealed-carry permit shot two men who were trying to...

Trump Administration Signals Intent to Enforce Existing Gun Laws

The Obama administration’s refusal to enforce federal laws covering armed predators is over.

The Armed Citizen® | Motels

12 tales of armed self-defense in or near hotels and motels.

Armed Virginia Woman Stops Convenience Store Robbery

A female 7-Eleven clerk in Winchester, Va., turned the tables on an armed robber late...

Florida Gas Station Customer Ends Robbery With Perfect Shot

“They made a decision, ‘We’re going to fight.’”

The Armed Citizen® | North Dakota

7 stories of armed self-defense in North Dakota.

Trump Administration Signals Intent To Enforce Existing Gun Laws

NRA President Allan Cors discusses the need for more strict enforcement of federal firearms laws.

Texas Carry Permit Holder Stops Daylight Robbery In Mall

“A robbery gone really bad.” That was the description given by San Antonio Police Chief...

The Armed Citizen® | Gang Members

9 stories of individuals using firearms to defend themselves from gang members.

The Armed Citizen® | Denver

11 stories of self-defense from the papers of Denver, Colorado.
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