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The Armed Citizen® Farms And Ranches

These armed citizens protected their farms and ranches using their Second Amendment rights.

Armed Florida Homeowner Shoots At Home Invader, Driving Him Off

A Boca Raton, Fla., resident retrieved a firearm and fired four shots at the man,...

Armed Florida Homeowner Stops Burglary

A Davie, Fla., homeowner on Wednesday shot and killed a burglar who was trying to...

The Armed Citizen® Alaska

The cool air of the rugged north doesn’t always put the chill on violent crime.

The Armed Citizen® Trailer Parks

These armed trailer park residents turned the tables on robbers and attackers.

The Armed Citizen® Seattle

These Emerald City residents stood their ground for self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® | The 1960s

These armed citizens saved their own lives and the lives of others in the ’60s.

The Armed Citizen® Neighbors

These good Samaritans used guns to protect their neighbors.

The Armed Citizen® The 1980s

The 1980s featured their share of gun uses, as evidenced by these armed citizen stories.

Gun Owner Chases Off Burglar

It was a classic case of an American gun owner protecting himself and his family...

The Armed Citizen® Kentucky

These armed Kentuckians utilized firearms for defense against criminals.

New Orleans Man Shoots Suspect Who Followed Him Into Home

An alleged New Orleans auto burglar was shot after an altercation with an Annunciation Street...

The Armed Citizen® Couples

These couples worked together to defend themselves from criminals.

Woman Holds Would-Be Burglar At Gunpoint

A woman was sitting home alone in Cleveland, Tenn., when she heard the sound of...

Illinois Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Ignored Warning

A Madison County, Ill., man was awakened Thursday night when a stranger tried to enter...

The Armed Citizen® Liquor Stores

These liquor store owners and employees knew exactly how to deal with criminal threats.

Burglar In Broad Daylight Taken To The Shed

The 68-year-old homeowner grabbed his gun and went out to investigate, and he found a...

Armed Vet Stops In-Law’s Burglary

Police continue to search for two more suspects involved in the break-ins. Scott suffered minor...

The Armed Citizen® | NRA Members

These armed citizens weren’t just gun owners, they were confirmed members of the NRA.

The Armed Citizen® Teenagers

These armed teens used firearms to defend themselves and family members.
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