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The Armed Citizen® | Churches

15 stories of citizens exercising their God-given rights in God’s house.

Anti-Gun Speech Prohibitionists Attack Texas Tech’s “Guns Up”

The new Victorians of speech prohibition are waging a war of political correctness against Texas...

Did California Just Establish A State-Sponsored Gun-Control Research Center?

The University of California-Davis has received a $5 million, 5-year grant from the state to...

Nassau Bay Police Force Receives Crucial NRA Foundation Grant

You won’t see this in the so-called “mainstream” media, but the Nassau Bay (Texas) Police...

First Gear | Oakley Tombstone/Magpul STR Stock/MGM Spinner

No news in First Gear, exactly, but an AR stock, eye pro and targets not...

NRA Grant Assists Youth Rifle Program

The competitive rifle program at East Stroudsburg South High School in Pennsylvania—which offers teams for...

First Gear | Get Your Glass Going

EOTech Vudu scopes are off to a running start, we think. Here’s a look at...

First Gear | Reloading Quality Control—Build It In

Careful choices on some smaller components can markedly improve handload reliability.

NRA Grant Provides 10 New Patrol Rifles To Small-Town Police Department

Thanks to a grant from The NRA Foundation, the Walterboro, S.C., police department was recently...

The Vulnerability Index: What’s Your VX At The NRA Annual Meetings?

For the next three days, you are in the safest community on the planet.

Memorial Week Medals Of Honor

A Memorial Day snapshot might rightly come from Medals of Honor won this week.

Hawaii Bill Would Database Gun Owners For Special Scrutiny

Hawaii wants to database gun owners for special scrutiny through the FBI’s “rap back” program.

Exercise Your Freedom | Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield M&P

Guns & Gear Editor Frank Winn reviews the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield M&P.

Exercise Your Freedom | Targets Good And Bad

There are lots of things you shouldn’t shoot—duh—but some of them are designed and sold...

Are 141 Medical Groups Really Anti-Gun?

How Doctors for America shamelessly padded its list to make it look like doctors support...

Active Shooter Response Training Goes Live

Only a nitwit doesn’t want law enforcement intervention to stop active shooters, but what to...

Exercise Your Freedom | Shoot/Don’t Shoot

Traditional practice may not prepare us very well for the decisions actual danger may require.

Mass. Town Proposes Firearms Registration And Ban

One resident of Massachusetts apparently doesn’t think the state’s already stringent gun-control laws go far...

An (Unlikely) Sovereign Of The Seas

Ninety-four years ago this week, naval warfare changed forever: no small feat for a coal...

Another Virginia Gun Store Faces Another Angry Mob

Should NIMBY neighbors be able to run a lawful gun dealer out of town—simply because...
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