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7 Summer Blockbusters

Learn a little more about some of the firearms used in a few of our...

7 Guns From Master Inventors

Colt. Thompson. Garand. The names alone trigger images of some of the most famous firearms...

Python Trifecta

Three firearms in the “Artistry in Arms” case at the NRA National Firearms Museum are...

Museum Exotica

A fine pair of revolvers from Joalland and Perrin.

6 Guns People Pay To See Perform

You can be sure a crowd of people were lined up to watch these sharpshooter...

The Weirdest Rifle You've Never Seen

Learn how gunsmiths developed an effective repeating rifle in the percussion era of single-shot firearm...

5 Firearms That Fought For The North

Thanks to the technological innovations surrounding it, the American Civil War is considered the first...

Three .44s With Pearls

A fine trio of Merwin Hulbert revolvers, sporting unique design on the frontier.

Where Legends Come To Life

NRA’s museums in Virginia, Missouri and New Mexico are must-see exhibits for historical firearm fans.

5 Firearms That Fought For The South

During America's Civil War, the Confederacy used a variety of weapons such as knives, swords...

4 Guns That Fought For Freedom

These firearms represent those used to helped make America free.

Bat's Gat

A fine Colt revolver owned by William Barclay Masterson—better known as “Bat.”

Setting It Straight

Two .45-caliber pistols that went head-to-head to become “America’s Pistol.”

3 Guns Of Incredible Value

In the history of American-made shotguns, one name stands above all others: Parker Brothers.

Turrets Big And Small

This design, while unsafe, was an important step in the development of revolving arms.

4 Guns From America’s Most Highly Honored

These guns belonged to men awarded the highest honor for their service.

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away …

These backup Star Wars lightsaber props formed the basis of the famed Jedi weapons.

World’s First Automatic Handgun

Wood, brass and leather combine to tell the tale of a firearm that might have...

Triple Threats

This combo gun offered the best attributes of a revolver, a dagger and brass knuckles.

Third Century | Ashley Hlebinsky

Firearms museum curator Ashley Hlebinsky explains why firearm history is American history.
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