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The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

The Armed Citizen® | Security Guards

9 stories of security guards protecting themselves and others with a firearm.

Shootings Rise Dramatically In Chicago; 9 Fatalities Over The Holiday

On Sunday, two men killed less than 10 minutes apart brought Chicago’s total number of...

The Armed Citizen® | Louisiana

13 stories of armed self-defense in Louisiana.

A Good Guy With A Gun Acts—And The Media Looks Away

How a good Samaritan saved a cop in need.

Wise Adage: Never Bring A Machete To A Gun Fight

A store clerk was closing his Sherman, Texas, mom-and-pop grocery store Wednesday night, after having...

The Armed Citizen® | Gun Store Employees

14 examples of why you should never attempt to rob a gun store.

Armed 88-Year-Old Shoots Attacker

When thieves burglarized an 88-year-old Ohio man’s house last week, robbing him and stealing his...

The Armed Citizen® | Albuquerque

Seven stories of armed self-defense in Albuquerque, N.M.

The Armed Citizen® | Cafes

11 stories of cafe owners and patrons exercising their right to armed self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® | Maryland

11 stories of armed Maryland residents protecting themselves and their property.

Indiana Woman Fights Off Attacker In Home

An Indiana woman who came face to face with a masked man who had broken...

The Armed Citizen® | Hotels

8 stories of hotel goers and hotel workers exercising their right to armed self-defense.

Carry Permit Holder Stops Attacker

It has happened again, although you won’t see it widely reported in so-called “mainstream” media...

Carry Permit Holder Saves Wife, Self

A Minnesota man and his wife are safe following a scare in a Wal-Mart parking...

The Armed Citizen® | Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers

13 stories of off-duty LEOs exercising their right of armed self-defense.

Armed Colorado Man Fights Off Attacker

A Centennial, Colo., homeowner used his legally owned firearm to fight off an attacker at...

Trump Set For Big Boost From Significant NRA Ad Buy

“Donald Trump supports my right to own a gun.”

The Armed Citizen® | Los Angeles

These Los Angeles armed citizens used their legally owned firearms to protect themselves, their families...

Memphis Man Saves Woman From Armed Attacker

When a fight between a man and a woman threatened to erupt in gunfire early...
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