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Unraveling The Lies About Gun Raffles

How are gun raffle haters “keeping guns off the streets” when winners are required to...

How Anti-Gunners Abuse Voter Initiatives

Frank Miniter explores how anti-gunners use ballot initiatives to push an agenda they can’t get...

Billionaires Bankroll Clinton’s Gun-Ban Campaign

The richest people in the world are helping Hillary attack the rights of everybody else.

Bloomberg, Keep Your Hands Off Nevadans’ Gun Rights

A Nevada ballot question could criminalize many firearm transfers and must be stopped.

Bloomberg Joins Obama And Biden At DNC To Endorse Hillary Clinton

New York City billionaire and shrill anti-NRA activist Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to endorse Hillary...

Maine: Spread The Word On Why To Vote NO On Question 3

In his drive to impose New York City-style gun controls on the citizens of Maine,...

Voting While Blind

The use of ballot initiatives is the latest threat to our rights, and we have...

Video Outlines Dangers of Nevada Question 1

NRA Nevadans for Freedom has unveiled a video that exposes the truth about Nevada's Question...

Maine Ballot Initiative Puts Gun Rights On The Chopping Block

The real goal of Bloomberg’s Question 3 initiative is the registration of all firearms.

Stop The Inescapable Epidemic Of Lies

Politicians, pundits and media talking heads lie to, and about, gun owners. Put a stop...

Promoting Small Business While Trying To Kill The Firearm Industry

Elitists gun-banners call for helping small business—ironically while trying to wreck the gun industry.

Vets Get Drafted By Gun Control Group

Will Gabby Giffords’ new gun-control organization for veterans be just more of the same?

Throwing Good Money After Bad Laws

Michael Bloomberg pours more than $3 million into a Maine anti-gun ballot initiative.

The Vulnerability Index: What's Your VX At A Gun Show?

Gun-banners want you to think gun shows arm criminals, but that’s not true. So what’s...

Bloomberg, Buffett Urge Growth Of Small Businesses While Spending Millions To Destroy Gun Industry

A group of billionaires and elitists that include Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffet penned an...

Bloomberg Backs More Anti-Gun Messaging In Maine

A restrictive gun-control measure on Maine’s November ballot is getting quite a boost from the...

Hillary Clinton Runs Against Gun Rights Because She Has To

Hillary Clinton had no choice but to become the most anti-gun presidential candidate ever.

Humane Society Presents Latest Inhumane Attack Ad

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) tries to present itself as a group...

Everytown Rolls Out Misinformation Campaign In Missouri

The St. Louis mayor, also an Everytown for Gun Safety member, calls Senate Bill 656...

Everytown's Latest Celebrity Mouthpiece Falls Flat

Frank Miniter explores the ridiculous anti-gun antics of so-called “comedian” Amy Schumer.
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