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Another Big Lie From The Brady Bunch

When gun-ban groups tell lies, uninformed Americans learn “facts” that aren’t really true. Enter the...

Armed Men Rescue Woman Under Attack In Parking Lot

A woman in a Shawnee, Kan., Walmart parking lot was attacked on Sunday afternoon by...

Senior Citizen Fights Off Home Intruder

A 70-year-old Tijeras, N.M., man was attacked by a home intruder last Thursday afternoon.

The Armed Citizen® | Phoenix

Armed self-defense in the Valley of the Sun.

Girlfriend-Stalking Home Invader Fatally Shot During Attack

Brian Kim was just leaving his Georgia residence with a friend, Julia Brooks, last Sunday...

The Armed Citizen® | Celebrations

You’re never having too much fun to defend yourself.

The Armed Citizen® | Kansas City

Kansas City residents of the Show Me State exercise their right to self-defense.

Good Guy With Gun Saves Ohio Policeman

An Ohio Right-to-Carry permit holder was recently honored for valor for rescuing a police officer...

The Vulnerability Index: What’s Your VX On A European Vacation?

Just how vulnerable are you traveling in Europe these days?

The Armed Citizen® | Theaters

Check out these six potential movie theater disasters averted by armed citizens.

Carry Permit Holder Who Saved Cop Honored

A concealed-carry permit holder who saved a police officer’s life last year was recently awarded...

The Armed Citizen® | Mississippi

Mississippi residents practice their Second Amendment rights in this week’s Armed Citizen feature.

Munich Witness Could Have Stopped Massacre—If He Had A Gun

Last week’s Munich mall massacre, where a crazed man shot and killed nine shoppers, proved...

Elderly Man Shoots Intruder, Stops Violent Home Invasion

The San Antonio Police Department has commended the actions of a man in his late...

Attacker Killed In Tattoo Parlor Shootout

An employee at a Las Vegas tattoo parlor shot and killed one of two intruders...

The Armed Citizen® | Nurses

When bad guys sought to prey on these armed nurses, they got more than they...

The Armed Citizen® | Concealed Carriers

These concealed-carry holders took matters into their own hands when face-to-face with criminals.

Obama Spokesperson Josh Earnest Uses Police Memorial As Gun-Control Platform

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest wasted no time in turning what should have been a...

The Armed Citizen® | Doctors & Physicians

These doctors and physicians prescribed these villains a dose of the Second Amendment.

The Armed Citizen® | Colorado

These nine Coloradoans weren’t afraid to take up arms in defense of themselves and others.
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