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Armed Drive-Thru Worker Scares Off Would-Be Robbers

Two armed suspects pulled into a Maggiore’s Drive Thru in Canton, Ohio, with the apparent...

The Armed Citizen® Retail Stores, Part 1

These heroic customers used firearms to stop threats at retail establishments.

Canada’s Good Guy With A Gun

When a lone terrorist attacked Canada’s parliament, Kevin Vickers saved the day.

Detroit Cook Fends Off Armed Robber

A man walked into Pete’s Grill and Coney Island restaurant, announced a robbery and pointed...

Isn’t The Second Amendment About Hunting, Too?

The Second Amendment is about defense, all right – but it’s about hunting too!

BATFE’s Little Shop Of Horrors

Rather than concentrating on targeting dangerous armed felons and violent gun traffickers, BATFE sting operations...

Really Protecting Students In Idaho

Administrators purchased firearms and trained six employees to use them should there be an active...

Third Century | Reagan Tyler

High school athlete Reagan Tyler talks about her experiences starring in “I Am Forever.”

The Rise Of The Armed Citizen

Mark Vaughan stopped a beheading with his AR-15, and saved many lives in doing so.

Another Good Guy With A Gun

A 49-year-old man recently showed up for his dialysis appointment in Independence Township, Mich., only...

The Armed Citizen® Veterans On Guard

We salute these armed and ready veterans for their ongoing service to society.

Colorado’s John Cooke: From Sheriff To Senator

Colorado state Sen. John Cooke recounts efforts to repeal gun control.

Point Shooting Practice

Point shooting is a skill that must be mastered to be ready for any scenario.

The Other Columbine Survivor

You often hear the word "Columbine" from the lips of anti-gunners, but you rarely hear...

Safe Distance

How close is too close? Darren LaSorte works through the tricky balance between social norms...

Third Century | Brad Thor

A rise in violent crime, taxes and institutionalized discrimination against gun owners motivated best-selling author...

Noir Review | Glock 43

Colion Noir. Glock 43. Fate was always going to bring them together.

Kroger - 2, Moms Demand Action - 0

Without firing a shot, a good guy with a gun (who happened to be a...

The Armed Citizen® Without Firing A Shot

Here are five cases just this year in which armed citizens silently used their guns...

How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner

Crushing anti-gunners with logic might feel good, but doesn't win hearts and minds. If gun...
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