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Rock Island Auction Freedom Challenge Will Help Fund NRA-ILA

Rock Island Auction Company, an Illinois firearms auction house, has launched the "Rock Island Auction...

NRA Releases Powerful New Ads Featuring Millennial Women

Watch these young women speak their support of the Second Amendment.

NRA News’ Colion Noir Stands Up To Media Who Called NRA Racist In Wake Of Dallas Police Murders

Colion Noir makes it clear that the NRA defends the rights of all Americans.

Car Shop Owner Tells Criminal To Take A Seat—At Gunpoint

“He didn’t fit the build for a Mini owner.” Those were the words of Modified...

Stop The Inescapable Epidemic Of Lies

Politicians, pundits and media talking heads lie to, and about, gun owners. Put a stop...

DHS Chief Says Gun Control “Part And Parcel” Of Homeland Security, But Screening Immigrants’ Social Media Is Not

The cabinet secretary ultimately responsible for the safety of the nation told “CBS This Morning”...

Five Lies Bryant Gumbel Aired About The AR-15

“Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” apparently forgot the “real” part in its recent AR-15 hatchet...

How We Win

NRA members win elections because we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work...

Everytown's Latest Celebrity Mouthpiece Falls Flat

Frank Miniter explores the ridiculous anti-gun antics of so-called “comedian” Amy Schumer.

Why The Mainstream Media Refuse To Tell The Truth About The Gun Issue

Journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter talks about the root of media bias concerning...

Facebook Founder Spends $16 Million On Armed Security While Attacking Gun Rights

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spent $16 million to surround himself with armed security.

It’s Never Enough

Why does it seem that gun-controllers’ appetite for your rights is insatiable?

Hillary Clinton’s Use Of Sandy Hook Victims As Cynical Stage Props Backfires

As one Twitter user quipped, “Bernie fairly takes you to task on your record, you...

Carry Permit Holder Stops Robbery

A social media-based robbery attempt was thwarted by an armed victim Tuesday night in the...

“Just Shoot Them All,” Says Anti-Gun Zealots About Texas 2A Activists

The founder of Open Carry Texas opined that “the reason the Moms Demand Action crowd...

A Journey To Freedom

Gabby Franco tells us about her emigration from Venezuela to freedom.

Social Security Vs. Seniors' Second Amendment Rights

If you can’t balance your checkbook, Obama says you shouldn’t be allowed to own a...

Facebook Gun Forums Move To New Sites

Thousands of gun-related groups have been shut down since Facebook’s ban announcement.

Professor Kicks Cop Out Of Class Over Gun

The anti-gun extremist actually felt “uncomfortable” with having a gun in the classroom and asked...

Heller’s Vultures

Two justices who voted for Heller will be 80+ when the next president is elected.
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