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Professor Kicks Cop Out Of Class Over Gun

The anti-gun extremist actually felt “uncomfortable” with having a gun in the classroom and asked...

Heller’s Vultures

Two justices who voted for Heller will be 80+ when the next president is elected.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Gun Registration

Publishing gun owners’ names so criminals can avoid—or target—them is only the beginning.

Social Security Administration Moves Forward With Gun Grab

The plan to strip tens of thousands of retirees of their Second Amendment rights is...

NRA Announces New Hunters’ Leadership Forum Web Presence

The NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum announces a new initiative on behalf of American hunters.

DHS Bars Review Of Immigrants’ Twitter Feeds; Obama Pursues “Universal” Background Checks Of U.S. Citizens

On Monday, Dec. 14, a former senior Homeland Security official told ABC News of a...

Carry Permits No Longer Required In Maine

The statute also covers active-duty military and veterans 18 and over, and allows the possession...

Censorship Will Not Prevail

Guns may be taboo in traditional media, but the Internet is restarting conversations.

Swatting Gun Owners: A Deadly New Tactic

If anti-gunners can’t disarm you, some are willing to settle for getting you killed.

The Man Behind The Curtain

David Hemenway is an anti-gun activist working under the guise of an objective researcher.

Why Being Anti-Gun Only Traps The Simple-Minded

For many, hating guns is a great way to avoid recognizing the complexity of the...

Media's Anti-Gun Message Gets Jammed

Polling shows that public opinion in the U.S. remains in favor of Second Amendment rights.

Weird Science

Bloomberg funds bogus “science,” then publishes it in “studies” to discredit your rights.

Third Century | Laura Carno

Laura Carno believes in holding politicians accountable for their policies.

A Man With A Plan, A Phone And A Pen

Obama intensifies efforts to “transform” America’s Second Amendment out of existence.

British Press Publicly Shames Scottish Cop Over Gun Picture

The Daily Record screams of “KIDS posing with weapons” in its attention-grabbing headline.

President’s Column | If Gun Restrictions Were Applied To Technology, They Would Not Compute

Blaming all gun owners for crime is like blaming all computer owners for hacking.

More Celebrity Killers Means More Killers, Period

NBC News says that reporting of dreadful events does inspire copycats.

I'm An NRA Mom

Anti-gunners see moms as a marketing tool to ban firearms. This mom doesn’t support that.

What Draws Women To Guns?

Women are quickly becoming entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community.
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