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Continued Growth in Concealed Handgun Permits Crushes Naysayers

The Crime Prevention Research Center reports a 273 percent increase in permits for gun ownership...

Those Who Call The NRA Racist Don’t Know Our History

Despite media claims to the contrary, NRA has long been dedicated to inclusivity.

President’s Column | Pew Report Shows Broad Support For Gun Rights In America

Despite media’s claims otherwise, the majority of Americans believe the NRA has too little or...

President’s Column | Second Amendment Belongs To All Americans, Regardless Of Race, Creed Or Gender

NRA President Pete R. Brownell outlines the central role that outreach will play in his...

Should We Care What ISIS Thinks Of Our Rights?

Charles C.W. Cooke argues that debating ISIS members' opinion on the Second Amendment is missing...

Roy Innis, Freedom Fighter

Civil Rights leader and NRA Board member dies at age 82.

An Attack On Our Cops Is An Attack On All Of Us

Every day, we ask our cops to have our backs. What happens when we don’t...

Trump: Black Americans Deserve Same 2A Protection Hillary Gets

Speaking in West Bend, Wis., on Thursday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pointed out again...

Colion Noir: Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

Colion Noir shines a light on politicians who fail to curb violence in inner cities.

"NOIR" Video Debunks Media’s False Claims Of NRA Racism

NRA News Commentator Colion Noir has released a new video commentary, “Media Fans Flames of...

NRA News’ Colion Noir Stands Up To Media Who Called NRA Racist In Wake Of Dallas Police Murders

Colion Noir makes it clear that the NRA defends the rights of all Americans.

Faux Researchers Claim Opposition To Gun Control Fueled By “White Resentment”

The Washington Post on Monday said “researchers” claim “white resentment is fueling opposition to gun...

A Civil Rights Reading List

Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil-rights leaders cherished their right to bear arms.

Black Ink Is Spilling From The Atlantic

Historical sleight of hand can’t obscure the fact that gun control is rooted in racism.

Not Your Father's NRA?

NRA’s growing diversity strengthens the fight for the freedom promised to all Americans.

Defending Rosa Parks

Mementos reveal yet another story of a civil rights icon protected by the right to...

A Seismic Change In African-American Attitude Toward Guns

For the first time in more than two decades, a majority of Americans say it...