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Joe Biden Wants Your Guns

It’s a funny word, “moderate.” We throw it around habitually, as a positive and aggrandizing...

Joe Biden’s Unreasonable Gun Control Agenda – Malarkey Moderate

To borrow language from the Biden campaign, the notion that Barack Obama’s former vice president...

Who Believes the “Nobody is Going to Take Your Guns Away” Line Now?

The most accomplished of liars eventually come to believe their own lies.

On Guns, Joe Biden Is Full Of It

Presumptive Democratic 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden is not one for clarity, tact or a...

CNN: The Dis-Trusted Name In News

Creative Directive Clay Turner discusses the fall of CNN from the public’s grace.

On The Front Lines

Law enforcement is calling on armed citizens to help battle terrorism and violent crime.

Will President Obama Have The Guts To Debate The NRA On Fair Terms?

Will President Obama agree to debate Wayne LaPierre on neutral ground?

Duke Researchers Express Skepticism About Obama Gun Control Changes

Obama’s executive actions are “unlikely to produce dramatic change, experts at Duke say,” the authors...

Expanded Background Checks: Ineffective At Combating Crime, Great At Confiscating Freedom

Obama’s latest anti-gun campaign may have a chilling ultimate objective.

CNN Features Police Chiefs Who Want To Destroy Guns Instead Of Selling Them

A feature on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 tried to stoke outrage over NRA’s advocacy for...

President To Push Exec Order On CNN Thursday

President Barack Obama will take his appeal to a friendly audience Thursday evening in a...

Mrs. Clinton, This Is What Australian Gun Control Looks Like

Hillary wants to give us the same choice Australians had: Turn in your guns or...

D.C. Police Chief Wants Civilians To “Take Out” Mass Shooters—But With What?

Cathy Lanier, police chief in the District of Columbia and noted anti-gun stalwart, was interviewed...

CNN Founder Explains Why Media Doesn’t Get Guns

In a recent Forbes piece penned by A1F contributor Frank Miniter, Jim Shepherd—an original founder...