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Firearms Provide Armed Citizens with Protection against Dangerous Wild Animals

Anti-gun politicians from metropolitan areas may not be conscious of such dangers faced by law-abiding...

The Long Hard Road To Freedom II

How the path to preserving the Second Amendment wound through the states

Inside The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission Report

For the last 12 months, politicians, pundits and pawns have heaped scorn on NRA for...

Self-Defense Options When You Don’t Have a Gun

For those who are used to carrying, being unarmed does not have to equate to...

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks, Part 3

While aggressive dogs are a fact of life, armed citizens have the tools to avert...

The Only Way To Stop The Decline Of Hunting

Now is the time for us to come together as one community of hunters.

Minnesota Senior Citizen Uses Gun To Stop Dog Attack

A 74-year-old Dalton, Minn., man on Friday shot a large dog that was charging him,...

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks

8 accounts of armed citizens defending themselves and others from violent dogs.

NRA Launches New Effort To Defend Hunting

Frequent contributor AWR Hawkins gives the details about NRA’s brand new effort to save hunting...

Armed Arizona Man Stops Pit Bull Attack

We reported just last week about a Michigan man who used his firearm to stop...

The AR-15 Is The Musket Of Its Era

The AR-15 doesn’t represent an overextension of the right to keep and bear arms.

The Armed Citizen® | Postmen & Postmasters

These armed postal workers did more than deliver packages and mail—they saved lives.

The Armed Citizen® | Miami

Trouble in paradise didn’t catch these armed citizens off guard in Miami.

Humane Society Presents Latest Inhumane Attack Ad

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) tries to present itself as a group...

The Armed Citizen® Wild Animal Attacks, Part 2

Not all animals are man’s best friends: Armed citizens saved the day from these wild...

The Armed Citizen® Bears

These armed citizens protected themselves from harm with their right to keep and bear arms.

The Armed Citizen® Farms And Ranches

These armed citizens protected their farms and ranches using their Second Amendment rights.

Terror Attack Sidetracks Some Of EU Gun Ban

Hunters and those owning firearms for defense of their country could be exempt from the...

The Armed Citizen® Seattle

These Emerald City residents stood their ground for self-defense.

The Armed Citizen® Parks

These armed park visitors protected themselves and others against all predators.
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