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Will Big Tech Gun Censorship Affect the 2020 Election

Here is how social-media companies are controlling speech in regard to guns and the Second...

Guns Shape Hollywood

Actors and the studios think they control public policy through film, but more often they...

Montana Supreme Court Rules Unanimously in Favor of Gun Rights

State’s high court reversed a previous ruling that would impose extreme gun-control measures.

Spike in Recent Gun Crimes Shows Gun-Control Laws Failing in the U.K.

U.K.'s gun-control laws are clearly not in control of rising gun crimes.

Catering to Hunters and Clays Shooters, Walmarts in New Mexico to Drop Firearm Sales due to New Gun Laws

Many shoppers will likely be unhappy with this new turn of events at Wal-Mart, even...

Wyatt Earp’s Gun Among Firearms Featured in Upcoming Auction

Morphy Auctions will host an online auction featuring an impressive collection of firearms for sale.

Historic Revolvers Provide Fun, Accurate Shot Experience

Traditions Firearms has a line-up of historic 1873 firearms that will please any enthusiast and...

Giffords Group Equates Muzzleloaders With Bump Stocks

When it comes to sinister devices of mass murder, one gun-ban group thinks .50-cal. muzzleloaders...

Twitter Explodes After Chicago P.D. Brags About Confiscating Antique Guns

On April 19, Chicago PD correctly and proudly tweeted a successful drug bust with a...

Will Navajo Gun Registration Lead To Confiscation?

We’ve documented multiple time on this website and in America’s 1st Freedom magazine how every...

Victory For Harvey Lembo—Finally

Retired Maine lobsterman finally arises victorious over restrictive gun regulations in public housing.

D.C. Travel Guide Attempts To Rewrite History

Taking political correctness and anti-gun sentiment to a ridiculous new level, a travel guide published...

Voting While Blind

The use of ballot initiatives is the latest threat to our rights, and we have...

Armed Florida Man Stops Son’s Sword Attack

The old saying, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight,” apparently holds true even if...

The Armed Citizen® Seattle

These Emerald City residents stood their ground for self-defense.

Living In Lembo

Retired and disabled, he defended himself with a gun. Will he now be homeless, too?

The Year In Pathetic Gun “Buyback” Attempts

2015 was not a good year for gun “buybacks,” with bad ideas and underwhelming results.

Harvey Lembo: Alone And Unarmed

Disabled Harvey Lembo is being told to lose his only means of self-defense—his gun.

Third Century | Ashley Hlebinsky

Firearms museum curator Ashley Hlebinsky explains why firearm history is American history.

California Legislators Consider Comprehensive Ivory Ban

A new bill proposed in the Legislature would prohibit the sale of most ivory products...
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