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Gun Rights are Equal Rights

When looking at the struggle of Black people in the United States for their natural...

Carry Your Freedom

Create and Maintain a Concealed-Carry Mindset

How Criminals Get Guns: Thieves Crash Car into Firearms Store, Grab Rifles, Pistols

Stealing as many guns as they could, the thieves quickly left the scene.

Second Amendment Suffers Post-Parkland

The Left is pulling the strings in business, and the rise and cycle of corporate...

Georgia Tech Students Learn Defensive Shooting Tactics

Amid a spike in crime in the off-campus areas around Georgia Tech, a student shooting...

The Armed Citizen® | Tattoo Parlors

Tattoos are forever. Unfortunately for criminals, so are rap sheets and bullet wounds.

Georgia Professors Urge Court To Overturn Campus Carry

Campus carry is currently legal in 11 states, and in the 15 years since the...

Delivery Driver Returns Fire, Drives Off Robbers

When an Atlanta, Ga., delivery driver loaded an order of Chinese food into his vehicle...

Handel Bests Ossoff In Georgia, And The Media Never Saw It Coming

Once again, an anti-gun candidate goes down to defeat, despite the media’s predictions otherwise.

3 Revelations From The 146th NRA Annual Meetings In Atlanta

Creative Director Clay Turner shares three special things he learned at last weekend’s NRA Annual...

Carry Life | NRA Carry Guard

30 years in the making, NRA Carry Guard brings a new standard to CCW preparedness.

I Wanted To Help At Least One Person

A1F Daily contributor Kimberly Corban tells of the positive results of her political activism.

Everytown, Demanding Moms Fizzle In Atlanta

One would think that if you were the head of a group that has access...

NRA Carry Guard: Training For Self-Defense And Everything That Follows

Learn all about NRA Carry Guard's training component from the leadership team and Dana Loesch.

CNN Finally Gets It (Kinda) Right

In an unexpected turn of events, CNN on Friday got it right when describing the...

State Representative: Georgia Stands With NRA

As thousands of National Rifle Association members gather in Atlanta for the 146th NRA Annual...

Atlanta Newspaper Op-Ed: NRA Helps Keep Kids Safe

Given the yearly ramping-up of anti-gun rhetoric in the media during the week leading up...

Atlanta Police Chief Opposes Campus Carry Based On Her College Days, Not Data

In an interview with Atlanta’s NPR affiliate, WABE, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields urged Georgia’s...

First Gear | Let The Spying Begin

We target the exhibition hall at Annual Meetings. Just 800-plus vendors to visit … piece...

The Armed Citizen® March 9, 2015

A group of women were enjoying themselves at the Cork! wine bar when a man...
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