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Armed Citizen Working at Store Fends of Masked Robber with a Gun

“I was very scared …I’ve seen death in front of my eyes.”

South Carolina Man Fatally Shoots Home Invader

Late last Friday night, 35-year-old Antonio Roberts made the fateful decision to break into a...

An Attack On Our Cops Is An Attack On All Of Us

Every day, we ask our cops to have our backs. What happens when we don’t...

Hunters Saving Louisiana Flood Victims

While it’s popular in some circles to condemn hunting and hunters, victims of Louisiana’s severe...

NYDN: Gun Control Wouldn’t Have Prevented Police Murders, But Ban Guns Anyway

After admitting that gun control laws wouldn’t have stopped the Dallas and Baton Rouge police...

Louisiana Sheriff Says Cop Murders Not A Gun Issue

As gun-banners continue to call for more restrictive gun-control laws in the wake of vicious...

Sons of Heller

Here are several cases that have expanded firearms freedom since the landmark Heller case.