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South Carolina Attorney General Urges City to Repeal Anti-Gun Ordinances

Ordinances deemed to violate state’s preemption statute could leave taxpayers liable should they enter litigation.

Standing Guard | 2020 Is All About Your Freedom

The American people will only stand so much before they’ll get up with their backs...

New Face of Gun Control: City Mayors

We have to be involved and more vigilant now than ever about our elected officials...

Henry Lever Action .410 Shotgun Revew

To say that lever-action firearms are of iconic American stature risks, to borrow from poet...

Teaching The History Of Freedom To A New Generation

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Darren LaSorte explores how the lack of knowledge of American history...

AG Sessions Signals End To Federal Interference In Local Policing

AWR Hawkins explores how Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling back the Justice Department’s interference...


How Donald Trump’s detractors are staging a campaign to delegitimize, delay, distract and ultimately derail...

The Armed Citizen® | Motels

12 tales of armed self-defense in or near hotels and motels.

Lessons From Israel: Secure Borders

NRA News correspondent and frequent A1F Daily contributor Chuck Holton looks at the continued unrest...

Georgia Man Stops Home Invasion

When three men burst into a Clarkston, Ga., home last month in a violent home...

The Day Politics Stood Still

New York gun owners gather on Long Island to rally for their Second Amendment rights...

The Armed Citizen® | New Jersey

Ten stories of self-defense in The Garden State.

Tale Of Two Party Platforms

Frank Miniter sheds light on the DNC and RNC platforms’ opinions of the Second Amendment.

The Armed Citizen® Hawaii

Armed citizens in Hawaii saved the life of a family’s horse and fended off criminals.

The Garland Nomination: Life After Heller?

President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee could be fatal to firearm freedom in America.

The Boston Tea Party

With the earmarks of a grand, iconic prank, the tea in Boston Harbor made a...

Bloomberg Being Pushed For Presidential Run?

The New York Times is reporting that Michael Bloomberg is being urged by “the plutocracy”...

5 Guns Powered By Air

These air rifles played a crucial role in the development of American history.

A Navy Is Born

The ragtag Continental Navy faced Britain’s unrivaled might on the high seas.

WA Judge: Come Back When You’ve Been Arrested

A federal judge has dismissed a suit against Washington’s Initiative 594 because plaintiffs hadn’t yet...