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Shooting Sports USA, NRA’s Competitive-Shooting Journal

Over the past four decades, Shooting Sports USA, the NRA’s competitive-shooting journal, has been on the firing line bringing news, match results and more to our readers.

Q&A with NRA National Action Pistol Champion Vera Koo

She embarked on a mission to promote her memoir.

NRA 2018 Competitive Shooting Season Highlights

The 2018 shooting season featured world-class shooting and some memorable moments. Here are a few highlights.

Bruce Piatt Recalls His Favorite Pistol Performance

Talk about being in the zone. His concentration was awesome in this match.

How Bruce Piatt Prepares for a Match

Mental preparation is one key component before shooting in a competition.

Doug Koenig’s Best Competition Moment

The professional shooter, who has been competing for decades, said it’s hard to pick one, but here is a recent favorite.

Doug Koenig Talks About Gun Control

He is of the mind that more-restrictive gun laws are not the answer.

Tips for Practicing Defensive Shooting

Competitive shooter Bruce Piatt recommends a progressive practice style.

Tony Holmes Discusses Shooting

Professional shooter talks about his favorite competition memories.

Doug Koenig Talks About the Second Amendment

It’s not just for sport shooting, he says.

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