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Freedom is on the Move

The Second Amendment was written to restrict government from infringing on a right enjoyed by all Americans equally, but will the millions of new gun owners also become defenders of this right?

What Anti-Freedom Politicians Now Want

Senator Kamala Harris published a list of Second Amendment infringements she says she’d use executive orders to enact if she wins the Democratic nomination and then the White House.

Crosman Takes BB Guns to Another Level

The DPMS SBR Full Auto is designed not only to mimic the look and feel of an AR, but with automatic option, you can empty your BB magazine in scant seconds.

Should Gun Owners Fear The Deep State?

Unelected, behind-the-scenes bureaucrats pose a myriad dangers to our right to keep and bear arms.

Gun Ownership Up, Accidental Shootings Fall

As the number of Americans with guns hits an all-time high, accidental shooting deaths are down—and anti-gunners are perplexed about what that means.

Report: National Media All In For Gun Control

It didn’t take the liberal left and so-called “mainstream” media long to turn the Las Vegas attack into a rallying cry for gun control. A report from media watchdog Media Research Center notes that in the six days following the tragedy, Oct. 2-8, the big three networks filled the airwaves with a non-stop stream of anti-gun rhetoric.

NBC: Throw Groceries To Stop Armed Robberies

What should you do during a convenience store robbery? That’s the question NBC’s “Today” show posed as it examined a string of violent robberies occurring this summer across the United States. For an answer, they turned to survival expert Mykel Hawke.

John Lott Blasts Media Silence On Women’s March Hypocrisy

In an editorial published at, researcher John Lott draws attention to the duplicitous behavior of the leaders on the Women’s March, who were guarded by private armed security while protesting against the NRA. He points out that the media is predictably unwilling to hold the anti-gun protestors accountable for their hypocritical actions.

Training School Staff To Be Armed First Responders

While some Colorado school staff members are receiving life-saving training to protect their children, many more are on the waiting list.

John Lott Takes On Media Over Fake News About Sheriff Clarke

John Lott reveals the media’s shameless bias for their false claims about Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke’s master’s thesis.

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