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Second Amendment Censorship

It’s time to investigate the frightening connection between the Biden administration and Big Tech.

Freedom is on the Move

The Second Amendment was written to restrict government from infringing on a right enjoyed by...

Once Again, They Are Going After Guns Shows

Seeking yet another way to target the firearms industry, anti-gun politicians have again begun targeting...

A Boom in Gun Sales Also Means This

Last year, an estimated 8.4 million Americans became new gun owners as the FBI’s National...

Are Concealed-Carry Applications Being Slowed on Purpose?

Reports from around the country reveal that a number of state and local agencies are...

Gun Sales Continue to Boom

Recent data shows a continued increase in background checks for firearms purchases.

Gun Sales Boom In May

All of those in the media talking about the so-called “Trump Slump” on gun sales—bragging...