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A Sacrifice Must Be Made

Where is the room for debate when an NRA member with an AR-15 stops a...

In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat. It’s The Law.

One federal judge stands between California gun owners and unprecedented confiscation by the state.

The Conspiracy To Dismember Heller

The 4th Circuit Court hacks a historic Supreme Court decision to pieces.

Where’s Your Wild West?

Will anti-gun media and gun-ban politicians ever tell the truth about concealed carry?


The SSA, created to administer public retirement benefits, is now poised to deny the Second...

The Art Of The Preposterous

The unintended consequences of some gun control laws makes us certain that only those who...

Killing California Carry

The 9th Circuit Court effectively takes the “bear” out of California’s right to keep and...