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Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

A1F interviews researcher John Lott to get the real facts on gun-free zones.

“Permitless” Carry Bill Passed By North Dakota Legislature

Will North Dakota become the next state to adopt “permitless” carry?

No Matter How Many Times She Says It, Sen. Feinstein Is Still Wrong

In her opening statement at the onset of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s senate confirmation hearings, U.S....

Rep. Richard Hudson: An Update On National Reciprocity

Is national reciprocity being pushed to the back burner?

S.D. Governor Vetoes “Permitless” Carry Measure

Despite passage by both the state House and Senate, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard on...

The DL With Dana Loesch: The Right To Carry Revolution

Expanding into campus carry and permitless carry, the right to carry revolution continues unabated across...

AR: Gov. Hutchinson Poised To Sign Enhanced Carry Measure

On Wednesday, the Arkansas House voted 71-18 to approve a measure establishing an enhanced carry...

Today Is A Pro-Gun Call-To-Arms In Maine

Friday, March 17, the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety holds public hearings on...

South Dakota: “Permitless” Carry Bill Needs Your Help

We mentioned last week that the South Dakota Senate had passed House Bill 1072. The...
A Clear, Compelling Reason Why We Need National Reciprocity

A Clear, Compelling Reason Why We Need National Reciprocity

Episodes of armed self-defense occur many times each day throughout the United States, providing one...

Idaho Pro-Gun Bill Focuses On Military Members

A pro-carry measure that focuses on the rights of U.S. military members has passed the...
John Lott Q&A: The Truth About Right To Carry

John Lott Q&A: The Truth About Right To Carry

Researcher and author John Lott discussed Right to Carry and the move for national reciprocity.

A Victory For Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules that firearms are allowed on Madison Buses.

S.D. “Permitless” Carry Bill Headed To Governor

The South Dakota Senate on Monday passed House Bill 1072, a “permitless” concealed carry bill....

Fla.—Important Measures To Be Heard In Senate Committee Today

Two critical self-defense bills will be heard in Florida’s Senate Judiciary Committee between 4 p.m....
Antis Smear Reciprocity With Same Old Carry Lies

Antis Smear Reciprocity With Same Old Carry Lies

Anti-gun warnings about national Right-to-Carry reciprocity are the same falsehoods they’ve been repeating for decades.

Ohio, Minnesota Issued Record Number Of Carry Permits In 2016

Americans throughout the nation have been preparing to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights...

“Permitless” Carry Measure Passes Out Of Committee In Alabama

On Tuesday, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee approve Senate Bill 24, sending the measure to...

Virginia Pro-Gun Bills Await Governor’s Consideration

Will Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe rule in favor of women who are living under a...
Remington R51

Remington R51

Superior long arms have been the stock in trade for generations of Remington fans, but...
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