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More Professionals and Women Contribute to Rising Demand for Gun Permits in Chicago

The Windy City is seeing an increase in FOID applications among different populations.

Gun Control Twist: Saving One Life “Does Not Justify” Right to Carry

Gun control advocates often say if their proposals save one life, it justifies them. So...

Choosing Freedom, Not Fear

Black women in Chicago are getting carry licenses to defend themselves in a violence-plagued city.

Cook County Sheriff Wants Scrutiny Of Bail-Posting Gun Offenders

Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Ill., (the jurisdiction that includes Chicago) is frustrated at...

Off-Duty New Jersey Policeman Shoots Home Invader

When you’re robbing a home, best make sure it’s not owned by any armed citizens,...

Is Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn Blaming The Right To Carry To Distract Us From His Own Failures?

Chief Ed Flynn’s Milwaukee P.D. not only puts armed felons back on the street—it cooks...

Chicago: Shoplifters Spend More Time Behind Bars Than Gun Offenders

At a conference hosted by the City Club of Chicago on Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent...

Donald Trump’s Victory: A Must For Our Nation

Wayne LaPierre stresses the need for active prosecution of existing federal firearms laws.

The Armed Citizen® | Maryland

11 stories of armed Maryland residents protecting themselves and their property.

San Bernardino: First In Murders, Last In Gun Prosecutions

San Bernardino beats Chicago’s murder rate—maybe because its gun prosecutions are even lower.

The Armed Citizen® | Chicago

These Chicagoans protected themselves, their families and customers despite the city’s strict gun laws.

How To Fix The Crime Problem In Chicago

Chicago politicians focus on the law-abiding when violent criminals are the problem.

Is Obama’s DOJ Too Political To Tackle Chicago’s Murder Problem?

Frank Miniter looks at Chicago’s murder rate in contrast to federal prosecution of violent criminals.

Judge Dismisses Suit To Stop Niles, Ill., Gun Shop—Again

A Cook County judge has dismissed for a second time a lawsuit seeking to bar...

Freedom Fighters

Former slaves Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass treasured freedom above all else.

Australia: The Effects Of Gun Control

A new journalistic report reveals the truth hidden behind Australia’s claims of successful gun control.

New Ammo Tax Would Further Punish Law-Abiding Chicagoans

A proposed ammunition tax (five cents per bullet, and one cent on smaller rounds, such...

The Real Pain Of A Federal Gun Tax

A proposed federal tax on firearms is entirely designed to make them unaffordable.

Chicago: Murder On The Rise

As Chicago’s body count climbs, Windy City politicians blame your Second Amendment rights.
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