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Cover Story | In What World Will You Live?

Cover Story | In What World Will You Live?

The response to the actions of a crazed leftist shooter reveals just how distant the...

Brady Campaign Brags About Assisting With Anti-Gun TV Episode

With raging anti-gun sentiment epidemic in Hollywood, it’s likely that few gun owners will be...
Voters Reject Gun Control And Embrace Freedom

Voters Reject Gun Control And Embrace Freedom

A1F Editor Mark Chesnut shares his thoughts on Trump’s historic victory and the road forward...

The Brady Campaign Vows To Fight On Against Guns

Americans spoke loudly and clearly on Tuesday. What they said was they were tired of...

Brady Campaign Whines About Record Gun Sales

Brady Campaign president Dan Gross whined about soaring U.S. gun sales this week, attempting to...

New Brady Gun-Control Campaign Calls 19-Year-Olds “Toddlers”

The Brady Campaign has launched Toddlers Kill, a campaign featuring alarming hype about children and...
Another Big Lie From The Brady Bunch

Another Big Lie From The Brady Bunch

When gun-ban groups tell lies, uninformed Americans learn “facts” that aren’t really true. Enter the...

Gun-Banners Brag About Clinton’s Anti-Gun Campaign

You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep, and that fact...
The Clinton Files II

The Clinton Files II

How Brady used Bill Clinton’s presidency to try and end the private ownership of handguns.

A Gross Deception

Gross is insinuating that a few “bad apple” dealers are causing rampant violent crime in...
The Myth Of Gun Industry Immunity

The Myth Of Gun Industry Immunity

A ruling celebrated by anti-gun pundits knocks the wind out of Hillary’s PLCAA narrative.

The Brady Campaign’s Imaginary Tipping Point

There appears to be no tipping point here—or really any point at all.

Arizona Gets Pro-Gun Acclaim; Brady Gets Ticked

For the third straight year, Guns and Ammo has named Arizona the best state for...

A “Wake-Up Call” All Right, But To What?

The usual suspects aren’t waiting for a factual report on the biker shootout in Waco,...


How Michael Bloomberg is twisting the gun control debate in the Evergreen State.