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Your Tax Dollars At Work

Anti-gun politicians who can’t ban guns outright have found another plan—tax them into oblivion.

Connecticut Gun Permits Jumped Sharply Last Year

Connecticut is a state with strict gun laws and a notoriously anti-gun leader.

John Lott: Guns Only For The Rich In Connecticut

In a Tuesday column in the Hartford Courant, researcher John Lott pointed out how Connecticut...

Connecticut—Malloy Gun Policies Propel Budget Woes

New NSSF figures reveal that Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s anti-gun activities have helped cause the...

CT Governor Wants To Balance Budget On The Backs Of Gun Owners

If you’re an anti-gun governor looking to decrease your state’s $3.6 billion deficit, where do...

Against The Tide

Obama circumvents both Congress and popular support for the right to keep and bear arms.

Anti-Gun State Leaders Push Watch List Gun Bans

Gun-ban governors push to restrict those on secret government lists from purchasing guns.

Mayors Call For Accelerated Development Of “Smart Gun” Technology

A group of mayors and other officials have signed a letter to major gun manufacturers,...

Conn: Gun-Ban Group Offers 28 More Anti-Gun Tactics

It’s obvious that most, if not all, would only affect law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

Politicians Push Terrorist Watch List Gun Ban On State Level

The fact that this gun-control campaign has lost steam on the federal level obviously does...

Conn. Gov.: Some Watchlist Or Other Might Stop Terrorism If I Can Get My Hands On It

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Thursday an executive order that would ban those on a...

Governor Malloy And Mayor Segarra Shift Blame For Hartford Homicides

Hartford, Conn., just recorded its 20th murder of 2015, surpassing the city’s 2014 total with...

Eroding Freedom In Connecticut

How Connecticut's gun owners and gun makers are getting run down.