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The Armed Citizen®

Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal...

The Armed Citizen® | Iowa

Iowans have guns and know how to use them, as these criminals found out the...

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

AWR Hawkins looks at the incredible strides made by the concealed carry movement already this...

Iowa Senior Citizen Shoots Woman Who Choked Him During Break-In

Seventy-one-year-old Savu Cirligel hadn’t stayed in his Des Moines, Iowa, home since it was damaged...

The Armed Citizen® | Pizza Delivery Drivers, Part II

7 tales to make criminals think twice about targeting their local pizza deliverymen.

Iowa Man Shoots Lunging Dog In Self-Defense

A man walking his dogs in a quiet Des Moines neighborhood was threatened by two...

The Armed Citizen® | Doctors & Physicians

These doctors and physicians prescribed these villains a dose of the Second Amendment.

Iowa Legislators Blocking Girls’ Shooting Endeavors

These two young Iowa competitive shooters want legislators to remove a roadblock to their participation.

The Armed Citizen® | The 1960s

These armed citizens saved their own lives and the lives of others in the ’60s.

Iowa Gun Sales, Carry Permits Rising

Iowa is seeing a dramatic increase in gun sales, carry permit issuance and demand for...

The Armed Citizen® Convicts

These armed citizens defended themselves against escaped prisoners or convicted felons.

President's Column | Hillary Clinton’s Attacks On First Amendment Could Have Ramifications For Second

NRA President Allan D. Cors on why Hillary Clinton’s censorship campaign matters.