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Firearms Provide Armed Citizens with Protection against Dangerous Wild Animals

Anti-gun politicians from metropolitan areas may not be conscious of such dangers faced by law-abiding...

Michigan Gun Owner Thwarts Street Attack

Another true story of how an everyday citizen used a gun to stop a crime.

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks, Part 3

While aggressive dogs are a fact of life, armed citizens have the tools to avert...

Minnesota Senior Citizen Uses Gun To Stop Dog Attack

A 74-year-old Dalton, Minn., man on Friday shot a large dog that was charging him,...

Off-Duty Officer Stops Vicious Dog Attack

When the Slatington, Pa., police chief, on a day off of work, heard a dog...

Florida Worker Mowing Lawn Shoots Charging Dog

A maintenance worker, mowing the backyard of a home in Northwest Jacksonville, Fla., saw danger...

The Armed Citizen® | Dog Attacks

8 accounts of armed citizens defending themselves and others from violent dogs.

Armed Arizona Man Stops Pit Bull Attack

We reported just last week about a Michigan man who used his firearm to stop...

Colion Noir: Media Matters “Ignores Everything That I’ve Done To Provide A Platform For People Of All Colors”

NRATV’s Colion Noir takes Tim Johnson of Media Matters to task for his fake anti-gun...

The Armed Citizen® | Oklahoma

11 Stories of Oklahoma residents exercising their rights in defense of themselves and others.

The Armed Citizen® | Miami

Trouble in paradise didn’t catch these armed citizens off guard in Miami.

The Armed Citizen® Wild Animal Attacks, Part 2

Not all animals are man’s best friends: Armed citizens saved the day from these wild...

Armed Man Stops Dog Attack

A Fort Wayne, Ind., man used his legally carried firearm to stop a dog that...

Good Guy With Gun Stops Dog Attack

A Massachusetts man used his legally owned firearm to stop a dog attack on his...

Armed Citizen Stops Dog Attack

A Jackson, Mich., man used a firearm to protect himself from an aggressive dog last...

Armed Man Saves Neighbor From Dog Attack

When a Dauphin County, Pa., man and his puppy were attacked by a dog last...

The Armed Citizen® Neighbors

These good Samaritans used guns to protect their neighbors.

The Armed Citizen® Dog Attacks

Two-legged “predators” aren’t the only dangers faced by law-abiding gun owners.

The Armed Citizen® Walkers

These armed pedestrians were able to deal with hazards they encountered on their walks.

Fear The Statist Who Wants Your Guns

Gun-haters trust the state with their safety because they don’t like the responsibility.
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