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Utah County Mayor Institutes Rule Requiring Background Checks on Private Sales at Gun Shows

Second Amendment advocates are concerned the new rule violates the intent of state pre-emption laws.

Despite Four-Hour Wait to Speak, Texans for Gun Rights Addressed Legislators

Public commentators cited many concerns about encroachments on constitutional rights.

Ignorant Hate At Iowa State

Stacy Washington explores a socialist group at Iowa State University that hates the Second Amendment...

Would Gun-Banners Rather Nicole Carney Had Been Murdered?

Darren LaSorte explores how gun-ban advocates who push to disarm abused women—like Nicole Carney—really don’t...

Armed Oklahoma Man Saves Neighbor Children

When a crazed attacker tried to kill two 3-month-old twins in Oklahoma last week, an...

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

AWR Hawkins looks at the incredible strides made by the concealed carry movement already this...

Gun Banners Again Hijack The LGBTQ Community For Their Own Ends

In March, we warned you about desperate attempts by flailing gun banners to co-opt other...

Indiana—Victim Defense Bill Sent To Governor

The Indiana House and Senate have passed a measure to help protect domestic violence victims,...

Armed Women Pose Grave Threat To Abusive Men

Frequent A1F Daily contributor AWR Hawkins discussed three women who used firearms to save themselves...

Milwaukee Police Chief Blames Right To Carry For Crime

Milwaukee’s police chief seeks to blame honest people for his own department’s apparent dereliction.

New Orleans Mayor Pushes Gun Schemes He Admits Won’t Work

A proposed city ordinance that’s not only redundant but also reduces penalties for gun offenses.

Déjà Vu: Gun Control Bills Fail Again In Vermont.

After legislation for universal background checks was overwhelmingly rejected last year, gun-control initiatives once again...

True Colors

The UN reveals the battle plan for its war on our Second Amendment freedom.

Boyfriend Protects Girlfriend From Vengeful Ex

After her ex-boyfriend repeatedly threatened to harm her and her new boyfriend, the woman called...

Louisiana Woman Defends Herself Against Ex-Boyfriend’s Attacks

A Gonzales, La., woman armed herself in self-defense against her violent ex-boyfriend. This decision may...

Mother And Daughter Teach Gun Safety To Women

Donna Broome and Candace Ivy of Columbia, S.C., have founded an initiative called Guns ‘N...

Good Gal With A Gun

A New Orleans woman who was being violently attacked by her abusive boyfriend and used...

Burying The Lede

Not one person mentioned Carol Bowne in Tuesday's congressional hearing on "Domestic Violence and Guns."