Will Durham Choose Control Over Common Sense?

There is a real problem, one that certainly won’t be solved by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to practice their Second Amendment right

Why So Many Media Members Are Opposed to Your Freedom

You’ve probably noticed how mainstream-media outlets play up stories of firearms accidents all the time, while usually ignoring stories of citizens using guns properly to defend themselves.

North Carolina Man Fights Off Attackers

Durham, N.C., police say officers were sent to investigate after a man reported he’d sustained multiple gunshot wounds during a home invasion.

Florida “Demanding Moms” Side With Convicted Killer

We told you on Saturday about Gary Lynn Durham, a Florida man who served 11 years in prison for beating a man to death in a road rage incident, only to be killed by an armed citizen shortly after his release.

Second Road Rage Incident Ends Badly For Killer

A Florida man who had just been released from prison for a road rage killing more than a decade ago met his fate on Wednesday in another road rage incident—this one involving a legal gun owner.

The Armed Citizen® 1990s

Laws and bans at local, state and federal levels proved difficult for ’90s armed citizens.

Hillary Challenges NRA In North Carolina

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton once again made it clear who she thinks is America’s biggest problem—the 5 million members of the National Rifle Association.

Utah Supreme Court Upholds Self-Defense Rights

Utah’s highest court confirms our foremost right as living beings.

Durham Apartment Resident Shoots Intruder

The apartment complex was the site of an incident last month in which a security guard was shot several times and seriously wounded.

New Jersey: Where Rights Go To Die

Brian Fletcher was arrested for having a legally owned gun in his truck.

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