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Standing Guard | NRA Protects Americans From Chicago's Violent New Normal

It can only be Chicago, where some officials are glowing over slight decreases in homicides...

Standing Guard | Project Helps Communities Post Lower Crime Rates

As Chicago struggles with a high number of homicides, other places are finding that if...

Standing Guard |The New York Times Say Punishing Gun Crimes is Bad

The newspaper published an article criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for cracking down on gun...

Buying Illegal Guns Online Isn’t Easy, GAO Reports

Directed by anti-gunners in Congress, the Government Accountability Office made multiple attempts to buy guns...

Enforce Existing Gun Laws to Reduce Criminal Violence

Politicians never wait long to call for more gun laws after some shootings. But let’s...

In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat. It’s The Law.

One federal judge stands between California gun owners and unprecedented confiscation by the state.

San Bernardino: First In Murders, Last In Gun Prosecutions

San Bernardino beats Chicago’s murder rate—maybe because its gun prosecutions are even lower.

"We Will Stand And Fight With All We've Got"

In his speech at CPAC, Wayne LaPierre explained why 2016 is a critical year for...

Senator Questions Obama On Commuting Sentences For Drug-Dealing Gun Offenders

Last week President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of more than 60 “nonviolent” federal inmates,...

How To Stop Violent Crime

Wayne LaPierre takes on the president with the real solution to violent crime.

Chicago: Murder On The Rise

As Chicago’s body count climbs, Windy City politicians blame your Second Amendment rights.

Los Angeles Considers Standard-Capacity Mag Ban, Ignores Other Gun Laws

Maybe Los Angeles should improve its shameful record as one of the worst cities in...