New Gun Owners Turn To NRA For Training & Education

With the increase in violent crime nationwide over the past year and a half, and threats to defund and/or abolish law enforcement, more and more Americans are taking the steps to become first-time gun owners.

Range Drills: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The way to get better is to practice the things you don’t do well.

SIG Sauer Academy Expands with Rifle and Shotgun Fundamentals

A leader in high-quality firearm instruction and tactical training is adding two courses to its 2019 schedule.

#BoycottNRA Riles Website Writer

Arbalest Quarrel team castigates public outcry demonizing the NRA, says call for boycott against NRA partner corporations is “illegal.”

NRA Honors 2015 Instructor Of The Year

The National Rifle Association has named Michigan Deputy Milt Williams as the 2015 NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor of the Year.

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