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Illinois State Police Implementing Automated Phone System to Address Long Waits for Firearms Licenses

Licensing requirements and long waits are frustrating Illinois gun owners

Gun Stolen 50 Years Ago Recovered During Traffic Stop

Police arrested two men in the Chicago suburbs after a traffic stop and vehicle search...

Man Gets Prison Time for Using False Info to Buy Guns Found at Violent Crime Scenes

After providing false information to licensed firearms dealer, man makes purchase, walks away with 9...

Felon Legally Changes his Name, allegedly Lies on Background Check, Gets 15 guns

Granted FOID approval, felon’s application apparently Okayed.

More Professionals and Women Contribute to Rising Demand for Gun Permits in Chicago

The Windy City is seeing an increase in FOID applications among different populations.

Look Out, Anti-Freedom Politicians Are Starting to Say What They Really Think

Efforts by the U.S. House of Representatives reveal true motives for Second Amendment rights.

Gun Owners Blamed for Illegal Acts of a Few

Young adults in Illinois may find that the Firearm Owners’ Identification (FOID) Card they dutifully...

Chicago Senior Citizen Shoots Home Invader In Self-Defense

Just before 11 p.m. on Saturday, a man with a crowbar forced his way into...

Chicago Gun Permits See Sharp Jump

In 2016, the violence in Chicago hit highs not seen in years, with nearly 800...

Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Dumping Gun Owner ID Requirement

A state legislator from southern Illinois has introduced a plan to scrap the state’s Firearm...