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Shooting Straight with Gov. Kristi Noem

Women relate to her warm personality. Men want to compete with her grit. She’s a...

The Undeniable Second Amendment

An annual event in downtown Detroit showcases this universal right.

Shooting Straight with Kim Rhode

On an untypical day for Kim Rhode, meaning a day off from shooting 800 shells,...

The Funny Thing About Hollywood and Guns

What John Wick Says About American Gun Culture

Cheyenne Dalton Was Introduced to Guns at Young Age

From the start, her father stressed safe handling and an understanding of firearms.

Cheyenne Dalton Discusses Futility of Gun Control

Competitive shooter says more gun restrictions won’t stop crime.

Real Fearless Women

Stacy Washington says that the media furor over the “Fearless Girl” statue misses the real...

Don’t Allow Crude Speech To Blunt The Truth About Women And Guns

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Stacy Washington takes on those who would prefer women to be...

Sessions’ Enforcement Of Gun Laws Will Save Lives In Inner Cities

NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre explores how Attorney General Jeff Sessions intends to curtail the rising...