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The Armed Citizen®

A man and his mother were working at an Akron, Ohio, beauty supply store when...

The Armed Citizen®

Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal...

Florida Homeowner Uses AR-15-platform Rifle to Protect Himself from 4 Alleged Home Invaders

The Armed Citizen encountered one man wearing a “Jason” mask and gloves on both hands...

Madonna’s Anti-Gun Video Is an Unwitting Parody of the Gun-Ban Movement

Madonna has made a very bad parody of the mainstream media’s attacks on our right...

Know The Rules, Practice To Get Better

Know them, or be ruled by them

Sitka Whitetail Clothing Fits Your Needs and Your Body

If you want functional, warm hunting attire that fits, Sitka Gear will take you there.

First Gear | No Surprises, It’s A Nikon

If it’s a Nikon, of course the glass is good. But there’s a lot more...

Exercise Your Freedom | Fixing The “Flail”

It’s hard to quit doing something you can’t see, but the “flail” serves no good...

Texas Grandmother Chases Off Armed Home Invader With Her Pistol

A 74-year-old grandmother sat down to watch the evening news last Sunday, but wound up...

The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

What’s So “Smart” About A Gun That Doesn’t Work When You Need It?

Do you really want your self-defense firearm to work as reliably as your smartphone? We...

Ohio Store Manager Stops Robbery

In yet another case of defensive gun use during which no shots were ever fired,...

Gloves, A Handgunning “Don’t”?

Gloves seem like an easy “my hands hurt” fix, but consider pluses and minuses carefully.

First Gear | Personal 9/11 Learning

Anniversaries of 9/11 bring back unwelcome memories, but reflection can be more than honorary.

Armed Robber Shot By Clerk At Corner Food Mart

Last Friday night, in a residential suburb northwest of Cincinnati, an intruder attempted an armed...

Stephen Colbert: A Parody Of His Own Clichéd Persona

Colbert scolds Congress for inaction after Orlando. But is “fig leaf legislation” what we want?

First Gear | More Louisville Nuggets

Down considerable shoe-leather, we saw some great gear in Louisville. Here’s a peek at some...

First Gear | Optic Options

Two slightly unconventional optics solve conventional problems and just keep going.

Nevada Homeowner Uses Rifle To Shoot Hammer-Wielding Invader

Joey Imerti of North Las Vegas, Nev., was at home at night when someone he...

Armed Citizen Stops Three Robbers In Newport News

They announced to the cashier that they were robbing the store, but before they could...
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