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They’ll Never Stop

Feb. 1 marked the beginning of New Zealand’s Amnesty and Buyback 2021. Kiwi gun owners have once again been forced to file into police stations like criminals to hand over firearms that they lawfully purchased.

Opening Salvo | Everyone Needs to Read the DNC's Anti-Gun Platform

We have reached what should prove to be an infamous moment. The 2020 Democrat Party presidential ticket will be the first in American history to feature a candidate who openly supports the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Tacoma City Council Votes Unanimously to Tax Firearms and Ammunition Sales

New tax follows in footsteps of Seattle to tax law-abiding gun owners.

Gun Manufacturers Are Deemed “Enemies”?

On two successive nights in June, a total of 20 Democratic presidential candidates crowded a stage in Miami: 10 one night and 10 the next.

Antis Schedule National Gun “Buyback”

After 16 years of organizing so-called “gun buybacks,” this year pediatric surgeon Mike Hirsh is attempting to take his event nationwide.

Gun Control Activists Don’t Really Support The Second Amendment

Editor Mark Chesnut provides more proof that you should never believe gun control advocates when they say their goal is to pass “common sense gun safety measures.”

Post Columnist Wants U.S. Government To “Buy Back” Guns It Never Owned

A Washington Post columnist is calling for the United States government to hold a gun “buyback” for millions of privately owned firearms, even though it’s impossible for the government to “buy back” something it never owned.

Congressman Calls For Government-Funded Federal Gun “Buyback”

On the heels of New Jersey’s recent gun turn-in program, which netted nearly 5,000 guns, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, D-N.J., has introduced the Safer Neighborhood Gun Buyback Act. The poorly named measure has nothing to do with “safer neighborhoods,” nor is it a “buyback.”

The Foolishness That Was New Jersey’s Gun “Buyback”

Why New Jersey’s so-called gun “buyback” won’t make anyone safer—and even cynical politicians know it.

New Jersey AG Hypes Useless Gun “Buyback”

We’ve told you in the past how so-called gun “buybacks” are just a ploy by cynical politicians to make it seem like they are doing something about violent crime. Now New Jersey’s attorney general is making that point himself.

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