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Gun Manufacturers Are Deemed “Enemies”?

On two successive nights in June, a total of 20 Democratic presidential candidates crowded a...

Millennial Support For Gun Rights Frustrates Media, Gun Control Lobby

Frequent contributor David Burnett explores the reasons behind Millennials’ strong support for gun ownership and...

Brown Vetoes Dealer Storage Bill, Signs Open Carry Ban

And just in case you didn’t think it was hard enough to be a California...

Book Review | "Gun Control And Gun Rights: Understanding The Debate Over Gun Violence"

We take a look at Gun Control And Gun Rights: Understanding The Debate Over Gun...

Virginia Newspaper Tells It Like It Is Concerning The “Gun Show Loophole”

While many in the so-called “mainstream” media love to talk about the fictional “gun show...

Anti-Gun Bills Move Forward In New Mexico

As proponents continue to lie about the effect two anti-gun bills will have on gun...

Undercover Video: Clinton Supporter Says Hillary Wants To “Get Guns Away From Everyone”

In a hidden-camera video released Thursday, the host of a California fundraiser for Wisconsin U.S....

Clinton Calls For Supreme Court Judge Who Supports Gun Control

Sunday night, one debate question to the presidential candidates was as direct as it was...

NYDN: Gun Control Wouldn’t Have Prevented Police Murders, But Ban Guns Anyway

After admitting that gun control laws wouldn’t have stopped the Dallas and Baton Rouge police...

Hillary Or Bernie: Who Wins Doesn’t Matter To Gun Owners

Why Clinton and Sanders should spur gun owners to get involved in this year’s election.

The Truth About Internet Gun Sales

We look at President Barack Obama’s “Internet sales” lie.

Congress Experiences Rush Of Federal Gun Bills

Congress saw a flurry of legislative activity on guns this past week, with the introduction...

Bloomberg Bucks Flood Maine

Gun-control advocates in Maine are seeking a referendum on “universal” background checks.

Bloomberg-Funded Group Seeks Maine Referendum On Background Checks

Sadly, fixing a manufactured “gun show loophole problem” will likely do nothing to prevent future...

Brady's Empty Suits

Brady Campaign’s court losses are putting it in a precarious and unsustainable position.

The Left’s Labored Language

Don’t believe anti-gunners: The three-day background check “loophole” is anything but.

Spouting Maloney

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has launched a full-out assault on American gun owners.

Maloney Unhinged

Rep. Carolyn Maloney is responsible for a recent flurry of egregious anti-gun bills.

S.E. Cupp: On The Side Of Freedom

Political commentator S.E. Cupp provides a strong voice for gun rights, and this year at...