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Harvey Lembo Will Not Be Charged For Shooting Home Invader

A retired lobsterman from Rockland, Maine, will not be facing criminal charges, according to a...

Victory For Harvey Lembo—Finally

Retired Maine lobsterman finally arises victorious over restrictive gun regulations in public housing.

Stop The Inescapable Epidemic Of Lies

Politicians, pundits and media talking heads lie to, and about, gun owners. Put a stop...

Harvey Lembo Appeals Case To Maine Supreme Court

Harvey Lembo has appealed to Maine’s highest court in his lawsuit seeking relief, under the...

What Is Your Vulnerability Index?

What if we could assign values to the changes in personal security that arise from...

Living In Lembo

Retired and disabled, he defended himself with a gun. Will he now be homeless, too?

Harvey Lembo Faces Further Difficulties

Lembo’s landlord, Park Place Associates, has asked a judge to throw out the case.

Disabled Maine Retiree Sues Landlord To Reclaim 2A Rights

A disabled former lobsterman and volunteer police officer who bought a firearm to protect himself—only...

Harvey Lembo: Alone And Unarmed

Disabled Harvey Lembo is being told to lose his only means of self-defense—his gun.

Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

The Perfect Target: Disabled, Disarmed, Defenseless And Abandoned

Harvey Lembo stopped a home invader with a gun, but now he’s being told to...

Disabled Maine Retiree Buys Gun, Uses It To Stop Burglary That Night

A retiree whose apartment had been robbed five times in six years bought a gun...