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The Second Amendment Doesn’t Stand Alone

State constitutions have long protected the individual’s right to bear arms.

West Virginia Attorney General Affirms Concealed-Carry Reciprocity With Several States

“West Virginians travel the country every day, and by protecting their concealed-carry rights, we ensure...

Number of Personal Firearm Permits Jumps nearly 10 Percent in Hawaii during 2018

Firearm registration has increased dramatically during the 19 years that data has been systematically compiled...

Concealed-Carry Nation

Clearly freedom is on the move thanks to your support of the NRA.

Washington State Vies for Gun-Law Title

Voters in the Evergreen State pass Initiative 1639, putting the state near the top of...

Hawaii Fights Pro-Gun Court Ruling

The state is filing a request to overturn the decision that a three-judge panel of...

Massachusetts Gun Restrictions Get Appellate Review

On the heels of a 9th-Circuit ruling regarding open carry in Hawaii, 1st Circuit considers...

9th Circuit Affirms Right to Carry in Public

The federal appeals court knocks down Hawaii’s licensing rule.

John Lott Debunks New RTC “Study”

A new, widely published study that claims to prove that Right-to-Carry laws increase violent crime...

Hawaii Didn’t Issue A Single Carry Permit In 2016

The Aloha State has the distinction of being the only state in the nation not...

Hawaii: “Rap Back” Spurs Honolulu Firearm Permit Cost Increase

We told you earlier this you year about how Hawaii became the first state to...

Hawaii Says Aloha To A Federal Gun Registry, Goodbye To Rights

Big Brother is alive and well in the Aloha State. Democrat Hawaii Gov. David Ige...

Hiding in Hawaii: “Rap Back” Program Revealed To Be Gun Registration Scheme

Hawaii could be the first state to database gun owners in a federal registry with...

Hawaii Bill Would Database Gun Owners For Special Scrutiny

Hawaii wants to database gun owners for special scrutiny through the FBI’s “rap back” program.

Hawaii May Put Gun Owners In Database For Special Scrutiny

Hawaii may become the first state in the U.S. to add the names of gun...

The Armed Citizen® Hawaii

Armed citizens in Hawaii saved the life of a family’s horse and fended off criminals.

Trouble In Paradise

Five bills under consideration in the Aloha State threaten the rights of Hawaii’s law-abiding gun...

Hawaii Bill: Confiscate Guns After Hospitalization

Lawmakers there have introduced a bill that would force gun owners to surrender firearms following...

Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled For Committee Vote

Four anti-gun bills are currently under consideration in Hawaii’s Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee.

Mandatory Insurance Looms Over Gun Owners

Mandatory insurance for gun owners: An idea predicated on lies.
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