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A Pair Of Academics Question Gun-Control Orthodoxy

Given that so much gun-policy research is explicitly funded by individuals hostile to our rights,...

Virginia Special Session Shows: How Gun Owners Must Mobilize To Defend Freedom

As many Americans spent the July 4th weekend enjoying cookouts, parades, and fireworks with family...

Gun Owners Blamed for Illegal Acts of a Few

Young adults in Illinois may find that the Firearm Owners’ Identification (FOID) Card they dutifully...

Audit Finds California Schools Unprepared For Shootings

Despite some high-profile mass shootings and plenty of talk in political circles, a California State...

Who Keeps You Safe? You Keep You Safe

AWR Hawkins explores how Americans have chosen to take their safety into their own hands...

Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

A1F interviews researcher John Lott to get the real facts on gun-free zones.

FBI Registers Record Background Checks In February

FBI data released this week showing that February was the third-biggest month ever for gun...

Shameless Bloomberg’s Sham Studies

Everytown for Gun Safety conducts new study with few common variables and no sense.

Playing The Blame Game In Colorado

Colorado’s governor blames concealed-carry permit holders for recent shootings.

Most Americans Blame Mass Shootings On Mental Health, Not Guns

Research shows the American people understand mass shootings better than politicians do.

American Electorate Focused On Guns In 2016

42 percent of registered voters find the subject of firearms policy to be “very important”...

How Your NRA Goes To Court

NRA litigators are deployed on cases in courtrooms across the U.S., and they play to...